Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Not much sleep here at the Ranch last night, Donna & I pretty much were occupied with keeping up with the storm and worrying about the kid’s. No matter how old they get you still think of them as the kid’s. I wanted to give you an update since the brunt of the storm has passed New York City and New Jersey. My oldest son Sam Jr. in New York City reports that the power is off about a block south of his building all the way to Battery Park, He is lucky and they kept the power on where he is at, So he had a ringside seat to the action watching it from inside his balcony window last night, He said he saw the big transformer explosion, and that all the rail and car tunnels are filled with water, for a time all the bridges were closed due to winds but he thinks they are letting people back now from Jersey.

My Granddaughter Allie in Brick New Jersey said their neighborhood has been devastated, and water came to to within inches of their front door. All the streets are flooded. Power has been out since early last night, But her Mom managed to get a generator, so they have limited power for a fridge and a few lights.

My Son Rick in Point Pleasant New Jersey said he and his wife and Mom are all okay, no power since last night and no generators to be found. but there is no flooding by them. so they are just waiting for the power, they have been told by the power company it could be several day for most areas along the coast.

So the Weibel family weathered the Perfect Storm and Donna & I can stop worrying.

Hard to imagine that places as far west as Chicago will feel the effects of this storm luckily we are to far south and won’t have any rain or winds. here a the Ranch. It is another cold but sunny day in Dardenne Prairie. Looks like our blogger friends,  LEN & PHYLLIS weathered the storm in Upper Deerfield Twp. New Jersey and had no damage to their rig. We were glad to hear that.

I think Rigg’s and I will take a nap and catch up on maybe an hour of the sleep I didn’t get last night. Rigg’s is always ready for a nap.but sometimes he wants to take up the whole bed. He prefers our queen size to the double in the guest room where I will lay on top of the comforter to watch a movie and nap sometimes.

That’s about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Glad to hear all your family is safe. It's always an anxious time waiting for news even when you know they should be alright.

    I expect a nice day here, began with a cool sea mist and now the sun is slowly warming up. Spring is here and over the country we have a range of temperatures from less than 60'F to 80'F We expect to be around 68-70 so that is very comfortable.

    Hope you are having a nice day after all that weather watching. Thanks for the picture of the Statue of Liberty. It helped put the storm in perpsective.


  2. Glad all is well with your family. Still praying for the others affected by it all.Angela

  3. Yesterday we could actually see the outer rings here in Sandwich..and the wind blew like HE__ last night and today..but as I write this the sun is coming out. Glad you and yours are all safe and sound..It sucks to be without power...Makes us realize how much we depend on it...

  4. I've been thinking of your family in NJ and NY all day. So relieved to hear they are all well and no physical damage to any of their homes.

  5. Yes glad all is safe and sound in the Weibel family!

  6. glad to hear that your family is all safe and sound!!..now the two of you can rest easy!

  7. Glad they are all safe,,,,,now get some rest Sam.....and Donna you to!!