Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Meanderings.

Was up at 06:00AM and had coffee with my pretty bride. blogged awhile and caught up on my train pictures from the last few days.
Donna is looking and feeling better each day that goes by it won’t be long before I can chase her around the cook station with the pancake turner and down the hall.
She got an e-mail from her Grandog Ralphie in New York City. He must have seen Rigg’s pictures in yesterdays blog because he sent one of his to his Grandma .
He wished his Grandma a quick recovery and said he’s been being good.
Donna is getting plenty of opportunity to rest and just lie in bed and watch the tube. She says she is getting bored, but I told her for at least a couple more days I want her just to relax and do nothing.
Today the weather at the Ranch was sunny and a high of 47, but a little windy. But that’s better than cold and snow.
Hope all of you snowbirds are enjoying warm weather, we will be heading south around the middle of April, I know a lot of you will be heading north and home by then. But it is still plenty cool in Canada and the northern USA plus the swim line moves much farther north in April. The swim line is where you can swim in an outdoor pool without all kinds of heaters and stuff.
Last year we left for Paul & Helen’s in Inverness on 04-18-12 and when we got there Paul had the pool cover on and when he took it off the water temperature was 85 degrees, plenty warm for me and the pooches.
By the time we got back to the Ranch two weeks later it was warming up here, by Memorial day weekend the pool temp at the lake was 85 degrees. So we should be able to hit the beach and pools in this trip hopefully we will spend a month in Fla and Ms.
If anyone knows of a good campground in Destin that you enjoyed even if it’s not a Passport America, or Escapee’s park let us know we would like to spend a few days or maybe a week in a nice place with some amenities, pool, sauna's etc. maybe even a lubritorium,or tavern lounge. By that time the winter rates might be coming down. I’d just like to have a place to pamper Donna for a little while and Destin is close to Pensacola.
Well that’s about it for today, I hope all is well with my friends and also my family up north is enjoying the snow cover, Be careful sliding that Subie Allie, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Grand dog photos are always so nice to receive! Glad to hear that Donna is doing well. Don't you be hitting on her with that pancake turner now, Sam, 'cause I bet she knows a few tricks of her own that she learned by working at the restaurant. Plus, she might throw you under a truck, since she knows some of those drivers, too, ya know!

  2. Sam, Dennis and I stayed at Rocky Bayou State Park in Niceville, FL...about 20 miles North of Destin...I think it was $16 a night....The sites are pretty sandy, but we had water and elec...and it was a lovely park...There is a place called Ft. Pickins near Pensacola that we were going to next, but never made it..It is a National Seashore and if you have the Golden Age card, it is 1/2 price camping...

  3. Wish I could help you out with a park but I don't know any near Destin. Hopefully somebody will chime in and let you know. Hard to keep them quiet when they start feeling better isn't it.

  4. Ah Ralphie is a doll, I'm sure that cheered Donna up it would me. Glad she is resting that is good for her. Her body went through a lot and now needs to recover. Good for you making her do it!

  5. Is Ralphie a tad onery? He has that look in his eye like he could be a terror and a doll at the same time.....LOL

    Its not Florida but the Escapee's have that park in Somerdale Alabama and it will be really nice by April...

  6. I think it will be great for Donna to get away for a while and relax. And if you chase her around with that pancake turner, you better use it for cooking so she can sit and be waited on like a princess!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  7. I can sympathize with Donna about being bored. At first you think you will just relax, do nothing, be lazy and get well. But for someone who is usually busy it turns into torture before long.