Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Happenings.

Was up at 04:30AM with my pretty bride and had my coffee, Then she was off to the truck company, and Rigg’s as usual beat me back to the bed for our nap. We both enjoyed an Erie –Lackawanna train movie.

Here it is 02:00PM and and I just feel like nothing got accomplished today. I did go to Shop & Save to keep the Emergency Low Beer warning light from coming on on the Fridge.

Had a couple peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Ever notice peanut butter never goes out of style, it’s like the Old Reliable of quick lunches, I remember when we kid’s the Dining car stewards would make a peanut butter sandwich for a picky kid. Usually it was free.

Watching those passenger trains reminded me of a time long ago when every vacation with my Grandparents was an adventure and the train was the main player.

A ball game was an all day adventure to New York City,again the highlight was the train trip to and from, I know my Granddad, Dad and Uncle enjoyed it too, On the way home they would sit in the Tavern Lounge car and drink beer, and the steward would give the kid’s soda and pretzels. Didn’t take much to make you a happy did, didn’t need an Ipod, or Xbox, just a window.

Rigg’s is taking his job as defender of the Weeb Ranch serious, he took up a post in the kitchen and hasn’t moved for a couple of hours. Here I’ll show you.


                               Rigg’s On the job.

As you can see Rigg’s likes his new harness, it isn’t as tight around the next as his old collar was and the lead or leash goes to the middle of his back where it doesn’t pull his neck back he walks better and genuinely likes it. If you take it loose he pushes his head back through the minute you take it off.

I think I’ll take the easy way out and cook a pot of Basketti for supper tonight. Haven’t had it for more than a week and it’s warm and filling.

Speaking of warm, it is 54 degrees here at the Ranch right now and sunny, juts another nice mild day, and no wind, so it feels warmer than it really is.

That’s about it for today, I hope everyone is having a great day and please be safe out there. Sam & Donna………


  1. It is amazing to me that after all the scary stuff, that your sweet bride just goes off to the truck company as usual. Whew. Then I was wondering what Basketti was, thinking I needed to ask for a recipe. Took me reading the rest of the blog to get it! Doh!

  2. Sounded like the train rides back then were fun and entertaining and added so much to the outing. Riggs sure has a beautiful shiny coat. Nice harness you found for him, Mind asking who sells them? Would like to check one out for Lily. Donna just won't slow down don't know how she does it? Hope you both had a nice Valentines Day.

    1. Allen I bought it off the internet for 29.99 plus (.99 shipping,I threw away the box so I can't remember the exact name of the seller. Just Google Dog Military harness. It comes in desert camo, reg camo and black and is a rugged construction approved for military service dogs.If you have a big dog, (Rigg's is 105lb.) It has 3 d rings and a handler loop attached.Really makes walks a pleasure. Sam.....

    2. Thanks Sam, I am going to check it out.

  3. Basketti is always a welcome dinner here!..Riggins is "on the job" for sure...Terrie and Tim's dog, Bogie, is deaf..A robber could break in and steal them blind...IF he didn't stomp around or drop something...she would sense the vibration then....

  4. Guess Riggs is just all worn out taking care of Mom. :)

  5. You should write out more of your train memories sometime. I bet you have some stories to tell. We has "basketti" tonight too. I always make extra sauce and freeze it and I still had some in the freezer from last time. Sure makes it easy. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK - Just checking to see if Riggs is listening!! Happy Valentine's day to you and your lovely bride.

  6. Glad to see your keeping busy and out of trouble, Sam. Riggs looks like a terrific watch dog even if he is sleeping on the job!!