Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Notes.

Was up early at about 03:00AM, couldn’t sleep, then about 05:00AM I went in for a nap. Later in the morning I had to make a run To the grocery store, for the essentials, Milk, Soda, Bottled Water, and Beer. Were set now for a couple weeks.

I also want to WELCOME our newest followers JULIE & TOM They have a blog and are in Gainesville Florida now. I hope you guys enjoy the antics of the crew here at the Weeb Ranch, in April we should be hitting the road again.

Donna has a nice relaxing day. Did I tell you she is looking and feeling better and breathing easier since they gave her new medication after her procedure.

It got up to about 44 degrees today so that started a slow melt of the snow, Tomorrow I will have to see what I need to fix the mailbox and go and get it if I don’t since it looks like it was hit by the snowplow along with my neighbors I sent the County Highway Department and e-mail asking them to come out and fix it. Who knows if I’ll here from them. But I can’t go to long as they won’t deliver mail without the Rural box up. Remember back when you knew your mailman and he would pull up the driveway and hand you your mail for a couple days until you got the box fixed. NO more. any excuse and they don’t stop or slow down.

They have moved the snow back to Tuesday late and all night with about another 5 inches predicted. So tomorrow will be the day for the repair.

I am certainly as one of my commenters said suffering from cabin fever. I would hitch up tomorrow if there was some way for us to do it. but we can’t rush Donna retirement, So all we can do is dream and try to be patient.

Plus the weather here has to warm a little so I can do some maintenance, like tire replacement before we leave.

Rigg’s and Sadie have both had a lazy Sunday, Rigg’s has napped with his Mom, and while I was watching a train movie in the guest bedroom Sadie came in and jumped up and took an hours nap next to her Grandpa.Other than watching the snow melt nothing else of importance is going on here at the Ranch.

Hope everyone out there in blog land is doing fine. Be safe out there. Sam &Donna….


  1. Sorry to hear about the cabin fever. We all get it from time to time. Sounds like soon enough you will get a heavy dose of medicine to cure it though!

  2. Bet you are sure looking forward to April, until then, stay warm and enjoy!

  3. Oh, Sam...I am soooo with you on cabin fever...I don't know when or if we will get camping ....Lots of decisions to make by people who refuse to make them...(NOT us!)...Hey, I got one for ya...McGyver's ex-wife was working for USPS and ended up delivering our mail at one point in time....I tried to sic our Black Lab, Gypsy, on her...How's that for a good laugh??..FYI, I didn't laugh when she came into OUR space..

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  5. The news said we are in for more snow on Tuesday night too. Only they didn't give any numbers...oh no what does that mean? So happy to hear Donna is doing so well, that is just great. We used to have a mail carrier that would bring the mail up to the house if the weather was bad....imagine that!

  6. I am so glad to hear that Donna is feeling better. Its cabin fever when you are in a sticks and bricks and when your on the road we call it hitch itch, as RVers I think we just like to go, to be out there. I hope your days "out there" will be soon.