Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Musings.

Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my pretty and breathing easier bride.tried to talk her out of it but she went in to the truck company after promising she would take it easy. I also reminded her of no lifting or driving anything like a truck or forklift.

Then Rigg’s and I got a short nap and part of a train movie. I had to go over to Walgreens and pick up a prescription, When I got home and opened the package I saw it was Merformin, that’s the drug the Doctor told me to stop taking two weeks ago at my last appointment, since Walgreens has a no return policy on drugs, I am out the money. But It won’t happen again from now on I will look at the bottle before I pay for them.

They also had cashews for $2.95 for a regular size can normally $5.00 a can.somehow two of those made it into the bag. Perfect for a companion to a glass of Millers.

Sure is quiet without Donna here, while she was home I would go in and check on her about once an hour and make sure she was getting rest and see if she needed anything or if she took her medicine and just generally be a pain like a good nurse is supposed to be. Boy today I have nothing to do.Rigg’s is in sleeping on the couch. Even he is staying away.

The other day I stubbed my middle tow on right foot against something and nearly tore the nail off, it was just fastened at the bottom. Every time your foot would hit the covers or your socks, it would bug the heck of me. So today I bit the bullet and took a pair of pliers and removed it in one pull. Did it hurt, I’ll keep you guessing, but it looks like an extra strength Tylenol night tonight.

The weather report for the Ranch and Dardenne Prairie today is as follows, Sunny with a high of 52, which it has already reached at 02:30PM, really mild nice day, The dogs are enjoying their outside time.

We are considering a stay at the Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale Al. on our way to Florida and Ms. in April.  Retired Rod recommended it so I know it must be nice. Donna & I are new Escapee’s members  and have never stayed at an Escapee’s Park before so we don’t know what to expect. We know people that stay at North Ranch in Az. and the like it there. Anybody know what amenities the Rainbow Plantation offers and how far in advance you need reservations.

Well that’s about it for today, hope all is well for all our friends out there. Please be safe. Sam & Donna…


  1. You can't make reservations at SKP parks. Just drive on in for full hookups. :)

  2. I forgot. There's also a clubhouse with TV, library, etc. Lots of activities usually. It's very nice.

  3. Ouch!!!

    That toe sounds nasty. Hope you're keeping the bugs out and your foot up as much as possible. You probably know you can't mess about with feet as a diabetic.

    Hope Donna managed her day back at work OK.


  4. Sam, you be careful with that foot...I'm with MargieAnne...being a diabetic you know about trouble healing...Might want to have the Doc check it out, we don't want you stoved up and unable to enjoy your Florida trip!!

  5. Oh OUCH!!! That made my toe hurt just reading this. I have stubbed my toes before and broke 3, so I don't walk around the house any longer with out hard sole slippers. Be careful!

  6. Aye Yi Yi...I got cold chills reading about the toe. Sam, do be careful with your feet. Medicare pays for diabetic foot care. Russ goes every three months. They check his feet, trim his toenails and take care of any calluses. You do NOT want to mess with getting an infection anywhere on your feet. Glad to hear Donna is doing so well. Take care.

  7. Sam, I think you will like Rainbow Plantation...Its not a fancy place, but it is clean and has nice wide long grassy sites...(all back in's) Ms Pat and I have spent a lot of time there in the past and always spent a few weeks there every year.. There are 3 of my very good friends there right now staying. All full time RV'ers... They love it there.

    Its kinda out in the country, but only a few miles to Floey, AL.and Summerdale,AL.Its about 10 miles down to the gulf and of course there are lots of businsses along the beach, but you can park and walk the shores anywhere.... Lots of good seafood around..

    They have a nice clean club house with a large kitchen. There is always something going on... Now last but not least is the GREAT swimming pool they have...You will love it....

  8. Just catching up with you and we are glad to hear that Donna is recovering so well she sure is a hard lady to slow down. Hope your toe heals quickly your braver with those pliers then I would be.

  9. The first time we stayed at an Escapee Park I was nervous about the whole "no reservations" thing. (That was back when I was a over-eager travel planner!) But, it worked out just fine. If the park is full you may have to boondock for a night (They have an area for that.), but odds are they'll have plenty of room for you.

    Rainbow Plantation is nice and green. Friendly folks. You'll be 15 minutes or so away from Foley and Fairhope. Fairhope is cute, Foley not so much - but it has about everything you'll need. Beautiful white sand beaches are 25 minutes or so away at Gulf Shores. And, Mobile has some cool stuff to see. Pensacola and the US Naval Air Museum (which we thought was very interesting) is about an hour (or less) away.

    Y'all take care!!!!!