Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Musings.

Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my pretty bride, the she was off to the Truck Company and the Restaurant. The Riggs and I got a nap.

Want to WELCOME two new followers first is NEW AGE NOMAD he is currently full timing out by the Slabs in Ca. My next new follower is TRAVEL BUG_SUSAN I hope the both of you enjoy the antics and goings on here at the Weeb Ranch and also when we get back on the road, Between the dogs and the Grandkid’s there is never a dull moment here, right now were in the middle of some winter weather.

It’s been trying to snow all day spitting flurries but so far no new accumulation. The roads are finally looking pretty good. But they are saying more snow tonight and tomorrow with a small accumulation. We shall see.

Been waiting to here from the computer repair shop but so far nothing today, I will be glad to get our newer laptop back and put this old Latitude down in my office as the backup again.

Looks like our friends KAREN&STEVEIO are in the warm weather and crossing Texas, I know they don’t miss the winter storm they missed by detouring around MO and The Ranch. Hopefully they can stop on the way home.

Plus several of our Canadian friends are at the Desert Sands Resort, enjoying the warm weather, Golf, and the pool.

We sure hope we can do something warm next winter and not put up with this snow.DONNA&DENNIS our friends from Sandwich returned to Illinois just in time for the weather we are getting. Glad to see their Uncle Junior is doing better, He is an old Navy Air Craft Carrier guy like me although he served on The USS Bennington in WW2, remember the “Big ONE’.I am one of those young upstarts from the Viet Nam gig.

Well I better say goodbye for today, Everything is going fine here in the bustling cow town of Dardenne Prairie MO. Please everyone be safe out there.Remember “Its always easier to accomplish something with a kind word and a gun, Than just a kind word”…..Sam & Donna…


  1. Sam, I gave Jr. and copy of the Navy man essay you sent...He got tears in his eyes...He is really failing ...Thanks for thinking of him..

  2. glad to see things are back to normal at the ranch :)....

  3. Hopefully not a whole lot of accumulation tonight. Sounds like everything is going okay at the Ranch. Just wish you could get out of there and get out of that snow.

  4. The weather man said on the news to expect hours and hours of snow the next couple of days. And he thinks he is funny! I guess since this is our last winter here might as well go out in a bang. Did you see the ice we got yesterday?