Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Notes.

Was up at 06:00Am and had coffee with my bride, Adam took his medicine and then went into bed and slept all night. This morning he got up and announced that he was feeling a lot better, you could tell yesterday he was sick, he didn’t even want to play xbox and just laid around on Grandma’s bed.

Yesterday his Mom Shana had a baby, girl. both are fine, Adam saw a picture of his new sister on FB this morning.

Since she has a different Dad she is not related to Donna & I. But I can’t help but think that someday down the road I might have another adopted Grand.

Adam’s other Grandpaw came by and picked him up and took him to the hospital to see his new Sister, wonder if he will be as excited when she gets older and he and her compete. Of course their will be 11 years difference in age so that might never happen, He will just assume the protector role.

Donna is making a pot roast for supper. Boy the Weibel’s have been eating good this week while she has been off from the restaurant. Haven’t heard yet when she intends to go back but since that entails lifting heavy trays of food, she can’t do that for awhile. I guess her Doctor will tell her when.

Nothing much going on here at the Ranch another cool but sunny day. Rigg’s somehow got off his run and went to visit the neighbor next store, He called and I went and got him he wasn’t coming home he was having fun until I went over and called him, then he came running back.

Hope everyone is is doing fine out there in blog land. we are just waiting and watching. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Glad Adam is feeling better, always hard on the parents and grandparents when you know they aren't feeling well. Sounds like Riggs enjoyed his little adventure this morning. I can almost smell that Pot Roast over here, enjoy. have a great Sunday! I always enjoy following along.

  2. so glad to see Adam is feeling better and Donna is doing well...congrats on Adam's new baby sister..I'm sure he will be a great big brother, and positive you will be wonderful adoptive grandparents...

  3. Congrats on the new granddaughter...Even tho not blood related, I have a feeling she will love the Weibel ranch and fit right in as one of your own...Glad Donna is better...keep her home.

    1. Boy, Donna, and here I thought you were my friend :-)...if I stay home much more I'll go
      totally stir crazy. got to get back to my old schedule.