Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up at 04:30AM with my bride and had our coffee. Then she was off to the truck company, and I went in to join Rigg’s on my bed for a nap. He was already asleep when I got in there, but had saved me just enough room to lay down next to him. Soon as I was comfortable ,Rigg’s pushed up against my leg and went back to sleep, he has to be right up against you I guess to feel safe.
Later in the morning I had to go to the MO. Dept of Revenue office, to renew my CDL. They do it different than they used to no appointment, just go in. They send you a card in the mail telling you what you need, another picture form of ID. So I had my old CDL and my Passport.
I went in and there was about 10 people ahead of me so I sat for about 30 minutes till my number was called.
The lady that waited on me was very business like, but kept asking me questions,I didn’t know it but in addition to two picture ID’s they want something with your address, I told the lady my old CDL has my address on it and we still live there. No she can’t use that. Then she asked me if I voted and I said yes, then she asked if I was a taxpayer, so she looked me up in the tax records and found my address there and printed it out. After that you had to stand in front of the camera , you know the routine, turn your head, cough, Flash, okay your done.
Left there 45 dollars poorer but a new CDL should arrive in 5-7 days.All told I spent almost an hour in there.
Today in Dardenne Prairie it is a nice sunny day but it is only 30 degrees and the wind is worse than yesterday, I froze just walking from the car to the license office.
Thank God my son said he would do the grocery shopping for us today, I really didn’t want to go back out. and I forgot the list when I went out to renew my license.
Well so far that’s it for another exciting day here at the Weeb Ranch.
Hope everyone is having a great week and is warmer than us. Be safe out there.  Sam & Donna………


  1. Weather here is horrible...below zero wind chill and gray...We are due for a snow storm maybe Thurs or Friday...just great.

  2. Still nice here in AZ but the storm is moving in tonight with wind and much colder weather. I can't believe you got out of the Dept Of Revenue in only an hour. I don't think that's bad at all. Our girls need to be touching also when we're in bed. The good thing is - when it's cold they add lots of warmth.

  3. Company is gone and its supposed to turn bad here tomorrow, Guess I'll just honker down and hope for some warmer weather.....Stay warm Sam...

  4. We have Mikes and Sandie's storm here in Corona,tonight. Its pouring as I type this and very cold with wind. Hope the warm weather finds us all soon again. Glad that you got all your license stuff over with. Lily is like Riggs in bed, got to be up close to you to feel safe.

  5. I'm dreading my license renewal in 2014, and hope I can pass the eye test. I'll have to go to SD to get it renewed.

  6. Nope we are colder...brr the wind just cuts through you like a knife. And...the forecast is for 1/2 inch of ice Thursday, oh won't that be nice.