Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, May 10, 2013


Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my bride, then she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.
Next Friday at this time she will be retired, 5 more work days at the truck company. I think If she works the restaurant that night I will go over and have dinner with her.
It was a cloudy day today with the high of 65 degrees, the weekend holds  promise to be a better day with sun and warmer temps predicted. I have to wash my grass mat for the fiver and then hang it up on the retaining wall to dry, then fold it and put it in the fiver.
Looks like the repair job on my truck mirror worked, can you believe $400 for a replacement mirror assembly(power ext tow,with heat and led signal in glass). Either my Son or Donna hit it against the garage door frame backing out and cracked the outer frame, and broke the plastic mount that the glass sets on. The glass was okay, So I bought some special plastic weld, made by JB Weld and mixed it up and Tues morning I filled in all the broken areas, let it harden a bit and then put a second coat on and let it dry overnight. It works like a charm is solid again instead of bouncing and I still have the power adjust and extension feature.
Down to two weeks until we leave for Florida, I am still checking this and checking that and making lists not to forget anything. Now if I can just find my flight bag that I pack clothes in. Donna uses the bigger one and I saw that one but my smaller one is missing in action. 
I let Rigg’s go out on the sun porch every day and just look at the fiver and keep telling him it won’t be long now. I really think he knows he has an adventure coming up soon.
This coming week will be an oil change and grease for the truck, I’ll also change the air filter, and fuel filter, diesel engines love clean filters. Plus it will insure getting the best possible Fuel mileage on the trip.
Our first stop for the night will be Clarksville RV Park in Clarksville TN. We stayed there last year on the way home. Hope the pool is open this time we were there in April and wasn’t warm enough that far north yet.
Our second night will be in Perry Ga. at Fair Harbor RV Park, again we stayed there last year and it was a nice clean park with a big pond for Rigg’s.
We will arrive in Inverness the next day after about a 5 hour drive, We should arrive sometime in the early afternoon on Thursday.
I already e-mailed Miller Brewing to let them know of our trip so they will have an adequate supply of High Life light in that area.
Have two sets of swim trunks, my goggles, can’t find the snorkel so I have to buy one, Paul will know where to get it he just bought a wet suit top.I may look at a wet suit top also.
Not much else doing except dreaming of the the trip. Hope everyone is having a great week. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. We know how that sense of anticipation to be on the road feels and we like it. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Emailing Miller is a great idea! I'll keep that in mind before my next trip.

  3. I love that feeling of excitement when you're getting ready for a trip. And of course there's the 'did I pack this?' I have lists up the yingyang for our trips.

  4. Len took the truck to Ford dealer last week for oil change. They showed him the air filter. Oh my, it was black. I would say PAST time for a change.

    Isn't it fun getting ready to head out? I love the planning.

    So happy to read Donna has just 5 more days at the truck company. I suppose she will continue at the restaurant after vacation?

  5. Only 5 more days!!! So exciting. We're having the oil and filter change done next week before we head out. Glad to hear that Miller is cooperating with you.

  6. Donna must be looking forward to next Friday and being able to finish up work at the trucking company.I know she enjoys the restaurant so it won't feel quite so much like work. You're sounding pretty excited about your trip in a couple of weeks. I am sure you won't forget anything.


  7. Excited for you both to get gone and enjoy life....You sure got the right dog for a rescue swimmer..a Lab, a water dog for sure!!

    1. Rigg's is still king of the pond at the doggie park, he's 4 years old but no other dog comes close to his speed and power, bought him a Navy Seal service dog harness, you can tell he is proud of it and doesn't want it taken off. Sam & Donna..

  8. It will be great to finally have her retired and get to do some traveling. Good luck with all the prep and happy trails....