Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Notes.

Were up at 06:00AM for coffee, just did some housework and chores around the house this morning, Sam went out and hitched up the trailer & then swung it around so it is facing north out the driveway, Chappies pad is in front of where she is now and she usually faces south when parked. This makes it easier when we pull out and then I don’t have to move cars to make the swing.


                                 Facing out, ready to go.

Chappie is loaded I put the slide out so Donna could have easier access to the bedroom , with the slide in the aisle is narrower.



                 Max, Chappie, & Donna’s doodlebug.

Mom's Roses05-19-13a

One of the girls in Donna’s office, Shelly in HR. gave her these rose’s as a retirement gift.

I know I said yesterday we would celebrate our anniversary officially later in the week, but I got to thinking today, Why should we cook and have a mess at home. So I told Donna not to plan anything for dinner, that we were going to the Pasta House Co. Donna usually meets one of her girlfriends about once a month there for a girls night out. But it is also one of my favorites and I haven’t been to one in months.

One more day before we head out, I want to get an early start before 07:00AM which will take us through the city OF St Louis just at the beginning of the rush. But once we hit Illinois, I am going to stop at the first rest area and take Rigg’s out and then from there on to our first stop in Clarksville for the night, Donna will be polishing up her truck and trailer skills. We should arrive in Clarksville in the early after noon which means we will have plenty of relax time. We planned it so we had shorter driving days and more relax time.

Were’re hoping to be at Paul and Helen’s in Florida in the early afternoon on Thursday,

Just so you know my bride is like a fine wine, she is ageing perfectly to perfection, I am so lucky and grateful to have her and we fully intend to enjoy our retirement now.

Thank you everyone for your kind words on Donna’s retirement and our anniversary, I hope someday along the road of our travels , we get to meet each and everyone of our blogger friends.Rigg’s wants to meet all your furry friends, maybe not so much the cats though. Have to see, he’s never been in close proximity to a cat but he sure chased the feral cat we have living on our property in the back.

Only thing left is for Donna to put her clothes in the trailer, and while we are out pick up our stash of wine for the girls on the trip. We also have a surprise for our Niece Tammy in Mississippi.

That’s about it for today, Please be safe out there. Sam & Donna…………


  1. I see I am behind in my comments, but need to catch up all at once..... So Happy Anniversary.... and hope Donna will enjoy her new found retirement freedom.... And have a safe trip down there to Florida...... Let's see, did I get it all....? Oh, take it slow and easy, since you are now retired and all, you don't have to make it all in just a few days...now....

  2. I go away for a weekend and it's all on at the Weeb Ranch.

    Congratulations on your 34th anniversary together. Dinner out is a good idea.

    Congratulations to Donna on her Retirement. You guys won't know what's hit you for a few weeks. It's A great time of life. Just Remember to give each other space to be alone now and then.

    And you're ready to hit the road again. Have a great tip and don't do anything I wouldn't do!!! I guess we can trust Riggs to keep you in line.

    Have lots of fun.


  3. What an exciting time. You must be ecstatic by now and just itching to get going. At least Riggs is.

  4. I'm way behind on all my blog reading & was surprised to pop in & see Donna had retired. I think that is so totally great for you guys. And how special it is to start off the retirement by heading off to Florida in the RV. A dream finally come true for you Sam. All the best to you both & the Riggs. Safe travels & enjoy yourselves & your new life to the max....:))

  5. Yahoo! Safe travels to all three of you!

  6. I also am behind. So Happy Anniversary to you guys. Isn't it great to be in love with your spouse after all the years. Have a wonderful journey and be safe.