Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, May 17, 2013


Rigg’s says “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy” you’ll be with me more now Mommy.
Was up at 04:30AM for this important day in the Weibel History, My pretty bride and I had our coffee and then she was off to her last day at the truck company. She will of course be going to the restaurant afterwards.
But I am so glad this chapter of her life is over. The last few years have been tough with changes in ownership and management, but now the stress will be gone and she can just take life at the pace she wants, also now in three days we will hit the road for a month of travel to the southern climes, of Florida and Mississippi, we can take life easy and enjoy the company of our friends in Florida and then My Niece in Saucier Ms. My Niece is employed at the US Navy Construction Battalion Base ( Seabees) in Gulfport , so maybe I can get a tour of that.
We also want to stop in Destin for a few days  on the way across the Florida panhandle, and also spend a day in Pensacola. One of my old Navy Bases.
Boy it seems like we have been waiting a long time but it is all coming together, Got my supplement insurance signed up yesterday for Medicare, It go in effect until the 1st of June. if something happens in the next two weeks I still Have Medicare, but would have to pay the 20%. Luckily my prescriptions will last until after plan D goes in effect.
It’s sunny this morning but there is a forecast for scattered showers and a high of 76 for the Dardenne Prairie, no earthquakes predicted. so I guess were lucky there.
Rigg’s is relaxing on my foot, I know he is dreaming of his three lab girlfriends in Fla. The Empresses of William Ave. Jodie, Coco, & Sandy. Rigg’s likes the title of rescue swimmer, so I will have to look for a patch for his vest.
Well that’s about it for now,hop everyone is having a great a day as we are. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. Yipee!! Yahoo!! Wow!! I know how Donna must be feeling today. I remember it well. So Congratulations Donna, enjoy your retirement. And both of you, oops, the 3 of you enjoy your next month of RVing. Drive safe and have fun....

  2. Donna - you will love retirement. We are so excited for you. And we're also excited for Riggs, too. All those women waiting for him.

  3. Congratulations Donna, I know Rigg's will be happy you are home. Oh, so will Sam. Hope y'all enjoy your travels South.

    Stay Safe

  4. What a great day! Congrats, Donna, on your last day of employment - a great feeling for sure!

  5. Congratulations, Donna! I am sure you will be happy not hving to go to the truck company any more. It will be nice to have the full month to take your time and enjoy Florida and Mississippi and the parts in between.

    The Ottawa are just got hit this morning with a 5.1 earthquake, apparently it shock for a got 10 seconds.


  6. Happy Day! So happy for you guys, enjoy your travels.

  7. What a wonderful day for Donna! Enjoy!

  8. Donna - this is great news that this day finally came. Doing a happy dance.

    We will be in the Biloxi area on May 29 and May 30. If you two (ooops make that three) are in the area we will have to catch up.

  9. Happy Retirement You will enjoy it

  10. Happy retirement, We highly recommend it :-)