Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Mumblings.

Donna got to sleep in and I got up early and had my coffee.
Today is Armed Forces Day here in the States, as most of you know I am a US Navy Veteran of the Viet Nam Era, I served as a Rescue Air Crewman/ Rescue Swimmer in Helicopter Combat Squadron 2. I am always embarrassed today when someone thanks me for my service, believe me nobody did when we got home from service during my time. Plus I considered it a great time in my life, more fun and adventure than you deserved. Most fun you could have at that age without a girl involved. So please take a minute and think of the relatives you have and friends who have served their country with pride and honor and didn’t ask anything in return. I salute all my blogger friends out there that have served their country in the Armed Forces.
Sam Weibel USSShangri-La1967
           Sam in 1967 aboard the USS Shangri-La.
Yep that’s the air station we’ve been looking for. Only way you can get this shot is from a Naval Aircraft.
Oh before I forget tomorrow the 19th of May will be Donna & my 34th anniversary, when your married that long it seems like your whole life has just rushed by because it was so much fun, Even now with a couple ailments. Donna will still hit the dance floor and have fun. We have decided to wait until we are in Florida with our good friends Paul & Helen, and then celebrate it then,  Always better with either family or good friends around. so the rest of you that haven’t been married that long we’ll let you catch up, and the ones longer were right on your heals, start looking over your shoulders.
Today I had the truck washed inside and out, and then topped it off with fuel, tomorrow I will hitch up and turn it around so it is facing north out toward the driveway.
With Dona off work we don’t need it Monday.
Packed my clothes today and Donna said she will pack hers tomorrow, then we are ready, all the food including perishables are loaded, were ready to set the special sea & anchor detail and get underway.
That’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Happy anniversary and congratulations to Donna on her retirement.

  2. Happy Anniversary you two..Enjoy Florida for us, we didn't get to stay long enough...LOVE that handsome Sam photo...Quite the "chick magnet"...and still are!

    1. Back then I was still a single man and never considered myself to be a good looking man,spent most of my time off reading and having a beer with my crew. Years later I couldn't believe it when Donna said yes to my request for a date , she was the blonde bombshell of Dellwood and I never though she would give me a second look. Thank God she saw something I had missed. Sam....

  3. I bet you guys are so excited to be 'on the road again'. Have fun, take care, keep us posted.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I can see why Donna snatched you up so many years ago, what a handsome looking guy in that picture.


  5. Happy Anniversary, you handsome old sea dog. Now we can all see what Donna saw in you! Congratulations to her on her retirement, and to both of you on your upcoming trip. Travel safe, and have a great time.