Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sat/Sun Notes.

What a weekend. My bride and I were up for coffee at 06:00AM, one good thing about the fiver is there isn’t as much room to chase her with the pancake turner.

So everyone knows we are having a great time as guests of the Tempesta’s here in Inverness Florida. You could have ordered 3 more beautiful days and there are supposed to be more to come, 90 during day sunny all day. just perfect. Paul & Helen are just wonderful hosts and Rigg’s has his three girlfriends, The Empresses of William Ave, Coco, Jodie & Sandy.

Had to combine todays blog since yesterday went by so fast, and I was whipped at the end of the day. So no blog last night.

Took a header,on my grass mat in front of the trailer, I hooked my foot under Rigg’s rope lead and he took off at the same time, boy I can’t remember falling faster, one second I was on feet and the next second flat on the mat with my left arm under, me, not time to get your hands out and brace. my ball cap kept my nose from hitting the mat. I felt something snap under my arm. So first of all I laid there a minute and then looked around to see if anyone had seen that dumb stunt. Don’t you always do that when you fall. I went in the house and Donna wanted me to go to the E.R. but I declined I said it really didn’t hurt and I might just have a bruise. So far there is only a little  discomfort when you move in certain ways. but I think I was lucky and no serious damage. What a klutz.

Looking forward to a soaking in the pool, it seems that soaking and floating is therapeutic for my feet ( neuropathy) when I am in the pool  there is no pain and the numbness seems to go away. That’s okay by me because I love being in the water.

That’s about it for now maybe some pictures later.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Hope you're alright. If anything crops up get your hiny into the ER.

  2. I agree, watch that arm, don't like that you heard or felt something snap.

  3. Hope you don't experience any bad after effects from that fall, Sam. They do happen so fast. Glad you've got the pool there to relax in. That will help a lot. Happy to hear you are having a wonderful time. Wish we were there!

  4. Sam, I did the same thing last Monday...tripped on an extension cord..I DID go to the ER..thought I broke my shoulder..No bones broken but it sure is sore..If it isn't better my Doc said I need an MRI to check the tendons and stuff...It's sure Hell to "fall and can't get up"...Hope you are OK!!