Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Meanderings.

Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my pretty bride, then she was off to the truck company. only another couple of weeks left now.Then she won’t have to worry about a 05:30AM commute.

Soon as the garage door went down, Rigg’s was ready waiting for his nap partner on the bed.

Then it was time to give him his morning half a cup of food, he gets a half in the morning and another half in the supper hour. But I will say he is trimming down and now is back to the old all muscle Rigg’s from before.

He is laying here on the kitchen floor sleeping with his new ducky next to his nose.


                            Always on Guard.

Some spots of sunshine today, might rain later but should be near 70 degrees today, all in all not to bad a day in Dardenne Prairie.

My niece in Mississippi said the weather is great for gong to the beach in Gulfport, never been there so we are looking forward to spending a week or two with her.

Have my every three month Doctor’s visit on Wednesday and then it should be clear sailing for vacation.

Were still trying to figure out what kind of additional coverage I will need for my Medicare. since I will lose my health care when Donna retires in two weeks.

That’s about it for today, Hope everyone is having a great day, be safe out there.  Sam & Donna………………


  1. Great news about Riggs. It's very difficult, isn't it, not to give in to those eyes of theirs??? We have the same problem, trying to keep Jackson on track. What a foodie!!!!

  2. Isn't it soooo fun to be on a countdown??

  3. When do you expect to be in the Gulfport, MS area? We will be in that area at the end of this month.

    1. We are leaving here in the 21st for Fla. should arrive st Paul & Helens om the 23rd, stay two weeks and the head for Gulfport on about the 1st of June with a stop of a couple nights in the Destin area.Should arrive in the Gulfport area around June the 3rd and stay at least one week. We will be driveway docking at my nieces in Saucier just north of Gulfport, let us know where you will be, their are several NP area in the Saucier area and also beach camping in Gulfport. Maybe we can spend a few days at one of those. We miss you guys hope Len is doing better with his leg. You now there is always a place for you to stay at the Ranch, and if you come Me & Les can run a 30 amp line out so you can have A/C and set a spell. Your Friends, Real friends. Sam & Donna....