Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday/Sunday Notes.




To all the MOM’s out there in blog land, today is your special day.

Ours started out at 06:00AM with coffee with my pretty bride, she didn’t get to relax for long since she had to leave a little after 09:00AM for the Restaurant, she decided to work as a lot of other Mom’s will be going to brunches and Dinner today so she wanted to have a good day.

I told Rigg’s a soon as he came in from outside this morning this morning. to find Mom and give her a Mother’s Day kiss. He ran in the bedroom and jumped up on the bed and gave her a big sloppy lab kiss.

When Mom gets home from work I am going to fire up the grill and put some brats and saziza’s and whatever else is here on for supper.

Had Nicky over yesterday and then today Samantha and her are staying with Samantha’s Mom. Our son Andy is staying home with Mom & I. Both Donna’s Mom & my Mom are deceased, They died within two weeks of each other in 1990. But we were lucky to be blessed with many fine years and memories.

It’s a sunny day but a little cooler than I would like the high will just barely reach 60. Tomorrow it will be in the 70’s and then Tues, & Wed. in the upper 80’s.

Not much else going on at the Ranch today, enjoy your day and be safe out there.  Sam & Donna……………

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  1. My Mom died in 1982, Dad died 1984...ages 64 and 67...waaaay too young. This is why I try to live for the moment...Happy Mother's Day to Donna..Now get in that fiver and "hit the road"!!