Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Meanderings.


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As this Memorial Day weekend draws to a close please just take a minute to remember our fallen who put a down payment on our freedom with their lives.

Another day begins in paradise, aren’t sure of today’s plans yet but it is starting off as another gorgeous sunny day, temps to be around 88 . We have been lucky and not had a cloudy day since we arrived here in Florida on Thursday.

Last night Sam made a pot full of his Grandma Genett meatballs and spaghetti, what a feast.

Spahetti&meatballs supper05-213a

Then after supper the pooches had an ice cream social with special doggie ice cream in a cup.



Doggieicecreamtime05-26-13c Looks like they are all enjoying their treats, they licked it down to the last drop.

Donna is doing some sorting and repacking here in the fiver, since it was set up for summer at the lake and not traveling.things like putting extra blankets and linen under the queen bed in that storage area and just making more room in cabinets.

Haven’t even looked at the camping choices yet for Destin , if anyone has a favorite park there let us know.

I went on the internet yesterday to see if I could find a wi-fi extender, for low signals, Paul has an Alfa USB model that I liked. so I went to Amazon and they had it regular $99 for $24.99, so I ordered it to be shipped to my Niece Tammy’s and it should be there waiting for us when we get to Ms. Couldn’t believe our luck to find it on sale.

All is going well, Donna is getting used to her retirement, she is even sleeping in now until 06:00AM instead of 04:30AM.

That’s about it for now hope all is well with all our friends in blogland. Be safe out there.


  1. Wow - 6:00 am is fantastic for Donna. She's settling into this retirement life just fine. Those pups were definitely enjoying their ice cream.

  2. Good for Donna! Sounds like she is adjusting well to this new life of retirement. Great deal on that WiFi extender.


  3. When I first retired I still woke up early, but now I usually stay in bed until around 7:30. I sort of miss the peacefulness of the early morning hours though.