Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday/Sunday Notes.

First we’ll start with Saturday, My bride and I were up at the usual 06:00AM. About 10AM my Son Andy started on the needed repairs, to get his Grand Cherokee, road worthy. It has not been used since last December when a tire in front started rubbing the tie rod end. he found out it needed an alignment to correct that. then he did an oil change and checked the brakes and found out all 4 wheels needed pads and the rotors were scored up, so after a $200 trip to Auto Zone. Of course with all that work not everything went easy, two of the rotors had to be soaked in penetrating oil then whacked with a sledge to get them off, had to make a run back to Auto zone when we found the anti rattle clips were all bent up. but by 05:00PM including two short rain delays he had it all done his new sticker for the license plate on and his insurance back in force. Even though it took a lot of sweat and mumbling at some of the stuck parts and rusted bolts, the bottom line is he saved a ton of money doing it here with me, The estimate for just the brake work was $600. The good part for Donna and I is we now have our trucks back and in the garage, instead of being used by my Son or his girlfriend.
Sunday we started early again with our coffee together, then this morning I had a couple things to do on the fiver, Donna and I finished putting everything away from our trip since the weather was a cool 70 degrees here this morning, Then we folded the winter blankets and comforters from the two beds and stored them under our queen bed along with two folded up air mattress’s I had in the outside storage bin, gives me more room out there and less chance of something happening to tear the mattress’s.
When I was done with that I took the drawers out from under the sink because when we got home we found a water leak from under there. Sure enough the fresh water fill hose had come loose from the filler socket and needed to be put back on and the clamp tightened. Rechecked it and pressure checked the rest of the lines with the pump running until it pressurized and shut off and no leaks. Ever since we had to replace the flooring we have been paranoid if we see a drop of water anywhere on the floor.
I have to say Donna came in handy with her skinny body and arms reaching under the sink and replacing the line and tightening the clamp, only way I would have been able to reach it would have been to disassemble one of the cabinet walls.
So now one last repair. my TV antenna is stripped out and wont’ go up so my son will get that job of going up on the roof and taking it apart and putting a new drive gear and worm in. This must be the weak link of Winegard antenna’s as our old fiver had to have the same thing done.
On the home front we have been busy trying to make little repairs around the house and we have bids being taken to replace the steps up to the sun porch. We noticed the bird motel in the back has been rather ramshackle and rundown, it’s about 20 years old, So today at a flea market my Son Andy got his Mom a new Bird Motel.
                                The old Bird Motel.
                             New Bird Motel.
Looks like we’ll have to find some bird porch furniture.
Just a nice comfortable day, temps in the 70’s sunny most of the day with one quick shower earlier.
Hope all is well with all our friends out there, Be safe in your travels. Sam & Donna……..


  1. Sheesh! You two make me tired!! Dennis uses me for my little fingers to get into tight spots...We went to see Uncle Jr. today..He is doing alright, but would rather be home.

  2. Always did think that Donna is a good person to have around. Think you'll keep her? ABSOUTELY!