Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday/Sunday Mumblings.

First of all I want to Welcome our 119th Follower, JESSICA & HARRY-PLANNING FOR RV DAYS WITH JESSICA & HARRY.I have been following their blog for some time now so take a look. They are hoping for a 2013 launch date for full timing, I hope all goes well with them.Welcome Aboard I hope you enjoy the antic’s around the Weeb Ranch here.
Saturday was a slow quiet day at the ranch, no Grandkid’s or noise and I spent most of the day checking up on Hurricane Central about every hour to see how Irene was doing. It went right over Brick NJ. which is on the ocean just west of Seaside Heights NJ, All the beach communities were under a mandatory evacuation order and some of Brick also.
Donna went into the restaurant later in the afternoon and so I just watched and waited for news.
Sunday morning early, I Got an E-mail from my Grand Daughter Allie in Brick NJ.
(:We're okay. It was too hyped up. It was just really windy and rainy. Some places flooded but we're all good. Thank you. :).
Haven’t heard from my Son Sam Jr. in NYC but according to the news all the flooded streets are way south from him as his condo is up around 38th St. It looked like there wasn’t to much wind damage just lot’s of water.
Look’s Like Scranton PA dodged the bullet and just had some rain and higher than normal wind. That make it all present and accounted for with the Weibel Family, Thank You all out there for your prayers and concern, you can always depend on your friends in blog land for support.
What were the doggies doing on this weekend.
Sadie & Rigg's08-16-11a
     They kept a watch out for Nicole & Adam.
     Rigg’s on guard duty next to Dad’s chair.
Guess where you can find Rigg’s if you don’t see him for a little while in the kitchen.
             He sneaks off to Dad & Mom’s Bed.
We are all relieved that the storm out east is winding down and hope that the losses will be minimal. Was I worried, you betcha, Saw a hurricane at sea and it bent up steel on an aircraft carrier like it was aluminum foil. The fury of Mother nature is not to be challenged, she will get her way.
That’s about it for now, waiting for Donna to get home she had another private party this morning at the restaurant. Other than that not much going on here. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..
Late Addition to Sat/Sun Blog.
Just got an e-mail from my Son Sam Jr. In NYC, I will share it.
(: “Hey there everything is fine here wasn't that bad at all. Am just relaxing with a cigar and beer watching battlestar galactica”:).
Have a good nite
That makes us all here in Dardenne Prairie breathe easier, Thank God for keeping my Sons’ and families Safe. Sam & Donna.


  1. Glad all of your peeps are OK...I think they planned for the worst case and got the medium case..Better to plan that was than the reverse!

  2. We got to spent time with your new followers, Jessica and Harry a few weeks back. Nice folks, just like you and Donna.

    Glad your family is fine. NJ daughter, all okay. MD daughter, no electric or phone since 2 am. Same here in the Poconos - no electric.

  3. Sure glad everyone is present and accounted for!!

  4. glad to hear that all is well with your family!..and as for Riggs?..fine sleeping form..he has it down pat!!!

  5. Glad to hear your family is all o.k. and didn't suffer any effects of the Hurricane.

  6. So happy that your family made it through Irene ok... and that you all are doing well also!!! Already follow Jessica & Harry...
    Have fun

  7. Glad to hear everyone survived the storm OK. It is always a relief to know everyone is accounted for and no damage done. Sounds like Vermont got the worst of it. Sure looks like Rigg's was real worried.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey