Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up early with my bride and had our coffee, then at 05:30am, she was off to work in my good truck. Yep last night 2 blocks from home hers quit again, I went to her rescue and got the Escape in the garage, and the battery was dead, it’s only two months old, so I put it on the charger overnight, This morning I tested it and found that the battery was good but the alternator had quit putting out, I remembered replacing the alternator once so I called Auto Zone and sure enough I had, and the replacement had a lifetime guarantee so I picked up a new one today and will have it changed tomorrow.
I got a call from my sister in Pa overnight someone had put a rock through her car drivers side window and stole an IPod out of it, The IPod didn’t work so it was a useless crime. The car was parked right in front of the house, my sister says some really low life people moved in up the court and since they moved in one house has been burglarized and her car damaged. That’s a sorry thing to hear because I remember my Mom & Dad enjoying evenings sitting on the front porch and all the neighbors walking by and now the neighborhood is going down hill.
Want to take a minute to welcome our 118th follower PATTY-DAN-BELLA & BONEHEAD IN SPIRIT, I have been following there blog so get over there and check it out. I hope you all enjoy following the antics of our family as we head to our goal of full timing in our 5th wheel.
Just heard from the love of my life, the shining star in my life at night, my true soul mate, whats-her name?  Oh yeah Donna , she just called and said don’t worry about cooking they are having the Arby’s Special so we will have Roast Beef Sandwich’s tonight. Is this a great country or what? God bless America….
Well that’s about it for today, another hot and sunny day on the prairie in MO. Hope everyone is enjoying their day, like we are here on God’s little couple acres at the Weeb Ranch. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. A useless IPOD and in our case, a melted tool box. Such stupidity. Sure is nice that you are so handy at fixing things like my Jim. Have fun with the alternator.

  2. God Bless all of the fast food restaurants..We do carry outs every Sat.nite....

  3. The Arby's Special sounded pretty good to me!