Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, August 19, 2011


We were up and at em at 04:30am while we were having our first cup if coffee a huge thunderclap that shook the house hit, and that started a thunder storm, it was almost like a mortor round went off in the back yard near the house,pretty close to me. Poor Nicole was woke up and was scared to death she said she would feel better if she got up on Grandma’s bed with Rigg’s, So her and Rigg’s went back to sleep while Grandma and I had coffee and she got ready for work. Lucky for us Rigg’s isn’t afraid of storms. Even the police dogs had to get used to loud noises like gunfire or storms.
Want to Welcome out 117th follower, JULIE, didn’t see a blog for here, so if you have one post it in the comment section so we can pass it on. I hope you enjoy hanging out with us here at the Weeb Ranch and reading about life in Dardenne Prairie MO, In the Heartland of America. Is this a great country or what?
Anyone that reads AL"S Blog, will know every once in awhile he says he puts his size 12 in his mouth, I don’t agree. but maybe it happens.At least he will say he is sorry if he notices it. Well I don’t have a size 12, but my 10’s fit just nicely and I made the same error the other day in a comment reply to one of my followers. SANDY-WHERE ARE THE DIXONS TODAY sent me a comment after I replied to her husband Jim about a comment that was posted that the person making the comment(who I assumed was Jim) was also a Train fan and enjoyed it when I posted train things, Well I fired off a comment to Jim that I was glad to find another fan in blogger land and if he got out this way we would go see some trains. I also stuck my foot in my mouth further by saying Sandy & Donna could find some girl things to do like comparing recipes or something while we were chasing trains around. Imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail from Sandy saying she was the train aficionado in the family. Boy was I embarrassed . I have met several female train fans on my journeys, but they are far and few between, then after rereading my comments I thought maybe my comment about doing girls things might have sounded a little chauvinistic although it was not intended that way. So apologies all around for just assuming things and not thinking about how the things I say in my blog could be taken out of context.
Moving on to new business, I went down the garage at 08:00AM where Donna’s Escape sat with a forlorn long on its grill because she was left while Dad’s big diesel truck got pulled out of the bullpen to fill in on the Friday commute. I started my search of why the air conditioner wasn’t working by starting it up and putting it on, the first thing I noticed was the knob for the switch that control what function (defrost,heat,vent, A/c,Max A/c) wasn’t doing anything and when I pulled it off it was broken inside. I took a needle nose pliers and turned the shaft two clicks to the left and the compressor kicked in and the air got cold.It had been in the vent position when the knob broke so Donna was getting 90 degree outside air all the way home yesterday. Just to be safe I took the dash cluster for the A/C and heat out and checked the electric and vacuum plugs in the back to the switch to make sure all were tight and then put it all back together and checked all the fuses and the compressor belt, you don’t want to fix something and two days latter have it quit again for some other reason. I couldn’t believe our good fortune and said a prayer of thanks to Our Lady of Car Repairs.
Went to the Ford dealer and they had a knob for a 2002 Ford Escape in stock, Cost $12 US ,Yeah I know it’s sounded high for a piece of plastic. But they own the patents. Car fixed and Donna will be happy.
So PAUL,,PAUL,HELEN,JODIE,COCO,AND SANDY looks like I got lucky to on an A/C repair job like you did with Helen’s Town Car.
That’s about it for today, just waiting now for Nicole to get home from her first week at a new school, I know she loves it, but what kid wouldn’t like a nice new air conditioned school.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Sam, you're too funny. NO offense taken here. I could also do a good job of swapping recipes with Donna. I know there aren't a whole lot of women out there who get a real rush when a train goes by. Especially if it's at night in the campground. LOL. And you aren't the first person to think it's Jim doing the responding. I should just change my identify to Sandie and let it go. But then I'd have to figure out how to do that.

    So happy for your $12 repair. Those are the kind I love. Now those kinds of things are definitely Jim's.

  2. You and Al are both ok in my book!! We all say things that don't come out just like we intended them to. I do think it is neat Sandy likes trains though!
    Glad you got the AC fixed!

  3. Sam...You and Mcguyver were twins who were switched at birth...

  4. Putting your foot in your mouth is sometimes a good thing. It helps us to remember not to put people in boxes. :)

  5. So glad to hear of your good luck with the A/C. We've both been very lucky this year. If a woman(no offense) were to take something likethat to an A/C shop, who knows what they would have said it was and how much they would have charged for a fix. Congratulations on a job well done!


  6. Ain't it great when things work out?

  7. That sure was good news re: the a/c. Lucky you! I just know Sandie got a good laugh out of your comment - I think she has a good sense of humor.

  8. When you hear the words "the A/C isn't working" all we think about are the dollar signs. Glad it was a pretty simple fix and an inexpensive part to get it working again. Great job.

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. We are both train fans here... big or little!!! Lucky you're so handy that you can fix things!!!
    Hope your day is GREAT!