Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, August 5, 2011


Was up at 06:00AM my little buddy was zonked and spent until 9:00AM in the sack, He even wanted to stay and watch morning TV while I ran to a Walgreen’s for a refill on one of my pill’s.

Thursday was a full pool/Lake day, We left the campground at 12:30PM, I could see Adam was slowing down around 04:00pm and at 05;00PM I said hey how about we head to the trailer and make us some supper and he was more than willing. It turned out to be a nice day with the sun ducking in and out the the temperature stayed around 85. perfect for a day at the Lake, Not to much direct sun either, and they pull had a lot of Adam’s friends there. Here’s a few flicks I shot while I was in between dips in the water,







After supper another trailer pulled in and he headed over to the playground on is bike to meet the new neighbor kid’s, They only played a little while and he came back and said he was tired and was going to put a movie on and could he make his bed out, this was at about 07:30PM, I said sure, and he set his bed up and I told him I would put a train movie on in the bedroom and check on him and let me know if he was going out. About 30 minutes later I checked on him and he was asleep, Boy see what all day in the water does to a boy, To be honest Grandpa was beat too so I had a beer and went back to my movie and put the timer on 1 hour and never saw the TV go off.

Ah the Lake, Air temp 80, Water temp 90, and Beer temp 34 degrees, Life is good, There should be a good showing of campers show up Friday during the afternoon as the weekend is forecast to be cooler and nice with maybe an isolated shower to keep things cool.

Friday will be more of the same, Adam & Grandpa are getting browner and through the use of plus 50 sunscreen, no sunburn, I remember in my lifeguard days we would mix a concoction of iodine and baby oil and use it as a suntan oil.Yeah I used to get brown, but what I didn’t know at the time I was taking a big chance with skin cancer, one of the girls that worked with me has been fighting it now for years. Maybe I was lucky.

Since I love the good ole days here’s a train picture to stir up some Alzheimer affected brain cells


Lackawanna 4-8-4 Pocono on a Pass train at East Stroudsburg PA. Early 1950’s..

That's about it for today. Now I have to just find a place to post this. Be safe out there. Hey Grandma & Rigg’s, you guys are missing out. it’s great out here.

Don’t leave home without it. Sam & Donna….


  1. a great time at the pool!!..love the action shots!!!..enjoy..be sure to use lots of sunscreen!!

  2. Wow the place is already busy...

    Hey was that last sentence a signal for Donna not to forget the BEER??? HaHa, can't fool an ole Cop like me..

  3. My mom used to dope herself up with baby oil and iodine...All it did was stain her skin orange....Too bad Donna can't join you two at the pool, it looks sooooo refreshing!!

  4. Great photos of Adam in the pool. Looks like he is having a wonderful time. Yes, swimming does wear them out.

  5. Liked the old locomotive photo. Saw them every day when I was a kid growing up just a few hundred yards from the train tracks & our local small town train station. I can still smell the steam, the oil, & the coal.

  6. Looks like a great time at the pool for Adam - sometimes the kids get tired out before we oldsters do. Makes for a nice "quiet time" at the end of the day.

  7. Apparently you found a place to post! Yup, all that swimming can tire a guy out.