Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday thoughts.

Up early and had our morning coffee together. Donna then went in to the truck company. I made a quick run to the hobby shop and found one new magazine.

I then brought the slide in on the fiver and got it ready to travel to the Lake in the morning, the forecast for the next few days are highs in the low 90’ and lows of 75, Isolated chances of showers.

I will wait until after supper and then hook up and have it turned and facing head out for leaving in the morning, the only thing I have to put in it is my clothes and medicine, it is provisioned and ready to roll.I am hoping for one my favorite spaces in the corner where there is shade and quiet, although I don’t expect it to be busy except for a few Friday & Saturday campers. Which is good as it provides friends for Adam to play with. He has a gang of kids he meets at the pool and Lake and swim’s with and plays games.

We will stay until Monday Morning and then come back here and I will take Adam back to Warrenton Monday afternoon.

After I pulled in the slide I installed the missing trim ring that I found at the junk yard and it is almost a match. You won’t notice it from 10 feet away and it is chrome like the rest, just a little flatter.

I am hoping the temporary office they are using at the Lake had got it’s wi-fi up and running so I will be able to post a blog without running to a McDonalds once a day, Adam would just hate that.

Not much else going on here at the ranch, the two fur babies are staying cool under the fan, and playing tug every now & then.

Hope everyone is enjoying cooler weather, My Florida friends say it’s pretty hot down there. be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Will the fur kids be going with you camping?

  2. Have a great camping trip, Sam. Hope you have wifi while you're there.

  3. Sounds like you will have nice weather while you are at the lake. Hope Adam enjoys himself before having to go back to school. I am sure he will. Have fun.

    Kevin and Ruth

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