Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Up at the usual 04;30AM, actually a little earlier as Donna didn’t sleep well last night,we had our morning coffee, and then she was off to the truck company.

Didn’t have much on my plans for today, the emergency low beer warning light came on last night on the kitchen fridge, so I made a trip to the grocery store, for that a few items to restock the trailer.

We decided I am will bring the trailer up to the Lake on Wednesday, and get set up, and plan to stay until Monday morning, Adam is spending Wednesday at his cousin’s house in Marthasville Mo which is only about 3 miles from Lake Sherwood and then Thursday morning his Aunt Robin will be bringing him to the campground, they will probably stay so her two boys can swim with Adam for awhile. Adams cousins are both boys and they all get along well and Adam looks forward to when they meet us at the Lake. I have his Aunt on my guest list so they can use the Lake/Pool in the summer.

As I said it is another slow and hot day, the window says 100 and the computer weather for Dardenne Prairie says 97. Either way it is hot, the humidity is 46% and the barometer 29.93.(This is also the barometric altimeter setting for the local area for you pilots out there) Heat index is 107. Almost sounds like a Canadian weather report Eh.

Waiting for the parts to come for making my laptop stand for the truck. I want it to be like the ones in police cars so the laptop is secure when traveling but will swivel to be accessible to the passenger or the driver when he’s not driving. I am making a small mouse tray for my cordless mouse that you can set on you lap or on the console.

I read on someone's blog where they had a motor home parked in a driveway and put the leveling pads down and after awhile noticed the jacks had sunk in the asphalt. Might be a good thing to remember that when it is 100 degrees the roads and asphalt get soft. Most residential driveways only have 2 inches of asphalt that has been rolled with a small roller. When I paved my place I specified three inches and a heavy highway type roller and did my parking pad for the trailer the same way. I still put 2 or 3 foot  long boards under each pad front & back to spread out the footprint, just to be safe and haven’t had any sinking problems yet. Just thought it might be a good reminder no matter where you park if it’s blacktopped in this weather.

Not much else going on here, waiting for Donna to come home from work, Hope everyone is having a great day. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Hope your AC is in good working order for when you go to the lake!

  2. OK...Now we totally need a "low beer" warning light...maybe also one for the ice chest Dennis keeps his beer in when it is this hot...Wonder if they give you a deal on 2 for 1?? Hope Donna is feeling better..this humidity is bad for anyone that has compromised breathing trouble, as you both know....Hang in there...cooling off some Wednesday, but hang onto your ass, it's gonna bring severe storms first!!

  3. That's pretty hot weather you're having there. Try to stay cool. Good reminder about the jacks.

  4. Sounds like you have a great camping trip planned and I'm sure Adam and his buddies will enjoy every minute!!
    Good reminder about the jacks!

  5. Gee, it sounds just like the weather here in Florida, only our humidity is 75%, not that it makes much difference........HA! Present temp is 91 with a "feels like" temp of 113. For you northerners, that translates to "stay indoors and have plenty of cold drinks on hand"

    Stay cool and be safe!


  6. Low beer light...pretty funny! Have a good time at the lake - stay cool!