Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, August 26, 2011


We were up at 04:30AM you know the usual routine, coffee and then Donna off to the truck company, and then tonight the restaurant.

I had another Lazy Day, but I was intently trying to glean all the information I could about Hurricane Irene, I guess I have a vested interest with one son in New York City, Two on the New Jersey Coast, not to mention a Grandaughter and a sister all directly in this storms path.

Make no mistake about this is a very dangerous piece of weather especially when you live a mile from the Atlantic Ocean and they start talking about a storm surge of 8-15 feet, ( a wave)that sure brings a lot of unstoppable water ashore in a hurry.

My Son Andrew saw me this morning and said your worried about Sam & Tim & Rick, aren’t you. Of course I said no they are grown men and know how to take precautions to keep their families. safe, But the truth of the matter is only a fool would not be intimidated by the forces possessed by these storms. We saw it here at home in MO. with this years tornadoes,

MY Son Sam e-mailed Donna from New York City and said everyone was sent home from work and most of the skyscraper offices are empty. His Condo maintenance force is taping all windows with heavy tape and told everyone to bring everything in off their balconies, All Public Transportation, Subways,busses, and taxi’s will be suspended over the duration of the storm, flooding in subway terminals is expected.

Haven’t heard from the NJ tribe but I am sure they are busy getting the hatches battened down and I know the phone service is poor on the entire east coast.

Hear we sit in Dardenne Prairie, 87 degrees sunny not a trace of any activity on the weather maps, it’s like were in another world set aside from this danger.

Anyway the storm is moving at a relentless pace northward and tomorrow will tell how bad it is going to be.

Should be a quiet weekend here at the Weeb Ranch the kid’s won’t be here so the halls will be silent for a couple days.

Everyone say a prayer for those that are facing danger from the weather this weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Our prayers are with yours and all of the families in the path of Irene..It seems almost "movie" like that it will hit New York City...That East Coast just withstood an earthquake and now a Hurricane..What did they do to piss God off?? :-))

  2. Sending prayers your way Sam!! You are so right....these storms are to be taken seriously. I grew up in Daytona Beach and remember Hurricane Donna (in the 50s) destroyed my fathers business.
    Please keep us updated and we'll pray everyone remains safe!

  3. Hoping everyone will be safe. Sure looks like a pretty scary system. It covers such a huge area that even if you aren't in her path, many will still feel her effects in some way. Let's hope people are taking the precautions needed to stay safe.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  4. I suppose we are fortunate as we can just pick up and move our home (as we did). I, too, am worried about my younger daughter who lives about 35 miles from Atlantic City. Looks now like the storm will be passing right over her area. Son-in-law had brought a huge generator a few years back. Just might that to put it to use.

    Here is hoping you hear from your NJ family soon and all is well.

  5. It's a monster sized storm alright. Flooding appears to be the biggest threat from what I've been able to gather from reports on CNN.

  6. Hope all are safe from Irene ~ better to be safe then sorry!!!

  7. Hope your family is safe. Definitely will keep your family in our prayers. Will keep my eyes open for an update.

  8. Lots of prayers being said for everyone in the path of this storm. Been quite a year for weather issues and we still have several months to go. Let us know when you hear from the family.