Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Well yesterday when Donna got back from the restaurant we realized it was December 4th. That is a big day that we shouldn’t have let sneak up on us. It’s Riggens Birthday, He is a big bouncy three years old.

   Happy Birthday


First day in my new home with Mom.8 weeks old
                                  My first Ducky.
                  My first birthday 1 year old.
                    My second birthday, 2 years old.
Rigg's & Mom 12-04-11a
My third birthday, Mom has a special cake made out of hamburger and a pupperoni candle.
Rigg's & Mom 12-04-11b
Oh Boy I can eat it now.
Wow am I ever a lucky Dog, I have the bestus Mom & Dad, and a little sister named Sadie that loves me and plays with me, I also have my own boy named Adam and my own girl named Nicole who play with me too. Mom & Dad take me on trips with them in their fiver, whatever that is. but we go neat places and meet lot’s of other dog’s and people. I have had doggie friends like, Coco, & Jodie visit me at our house. In the summer I went to Wisconsin and visited with Duke & Duchess at their house, oh yeah Mom & Dad went too. Well now I have to wait another year before I get another birthday and more presents.
                    Rigg’s at the end of his Birthday.
We are so thankful that that little 10 lb furball that came into our lives three years ago, has turned into 100lbs of lovable doggie, He is a full of energy puppy like attitude still, but can be a gentle and loving big brother for his little 7lb sister Sadie. He  has provided hour after hour of love and fun for our whole family and anyone he meets is an instant friend.
Well that’s about it I want to get this posted so Rigg’s can have his day.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Happy Birthday, Riggs! You sure were a cute little puppy when you were small. Now you're a handsome young man! Hope you get a very special treat today!

  2. Riggs a big Happy Birthday from Lilly and all of us. You and Lilly are both 3 her birthday was in October. That's some cake your Mom made for you.

  3. Happy Birthday Riggs! Sounds like you had a great one and the Mom and Dad spoiled you rotten, you lucky dog!

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. A great big Happy Birthday to Riggs! May he have many many more happy birthdays to celebrate with his wonderful family!! He is a lucky dog but his family is also lucky to have him!

  5. Happy Birthday to Riggs the Wonder Dog.!..and a big wet dog lips kiss. You are now old enough to sip one of Sam's Miller High Lifes (in human years)..Make sure he gives you a swig...