Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up early with my bride we had coffee, Then at 05:30M she was off to the truck company. No restaurant tonight.

It has been gray and cold all day we had a very light dusting of snow, just enough to cover the ice on the patio and the railings. No real accumulation. But that my friends is how it starts, a little bit and then Whammo you get the hammer blow when you least expect it.

I procrastinated this year and have waited to put the plow under John Deere but It will be done here in the next couple of days just to be safe.

I have read where several bloggers have had mice troubles this fall. living in Dardenne Prairie, it is a yearly ritual that a few find some way to get into the house in the fall and you have to eradicate them. For some reason this year they seem to be tougher to kill so I decided to set up my secret mouse camera to see if I could spot one.


              No wonder there harder to get rid of.

This morning I had to go to Game Stop with Adam’ s xbox. He had brought it over this weekend and said it was broke. Donna found the paper work and the warranty still had a few days to go so this morning they gave us a brand new one complete with another years warranty to replace it, no charge. Wow now that’s like an early Christmas present.

Rigg’s is laying by my feet near the back door, in about 15 minutes his buddy Nicole will be coming through the door and he will try his darndest for a kiss and a lick while Nicole tries to keep from getting a wet face and runs down the hall squealing. I think now he just knows it aggravates her and does it for fun.

Such is lifes little pleasures here at the Weeb Ranch, what would you do without those moments to remember and remind her of when she is a teenager.

Sadie is taking her afternoon nap, she came in while I was watching a movie and laid by her Grandpa and now she is in her bed behind my chair , waiting for Nicole also.

My son brought me home a 6 pack of Heineken Light and said to try it. I had a couple with supper and they weren’t bad, but they can’t beat the economy of Miller High Light at $13.47 a 30 pack.  My Special occasion beers are Moosehead, or Rolling Rock, those are real beers though no light or watered down beer.

Well that’s about it for today ,hope all are well out in Blogville. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. A little Canadian must be rubbing off on you Sam Moosehead Beer?

  2. So that's the reason my traps aren't working! Hee Hee! :)

  3. Den says to tell ya that we get a 30 pack of Bush Lite for $10.99..Now THAT is a bargain...sure can't find it for that down here. Rest assured that we brought as much as we could jam into truck and camper basement..By mid Jan. he will be looking for more, I'll bet.

  4. Glad you were still under warranty with the X Box. I can just picture Nicole running down the hallway trying to keep from getting loved to death.

  5. We are seeing more and more snowplows on front of trucks here in South Jersey. Even on dealer lots; that would be a selling point I suppose.