Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sat/Sun Notes.

Well here it is Sunday afternoon already, Rigg’s is laying next to my kitchen chair as I start the blog. Donna & I have been up each morning this weekend at 05:30AM. I make the coffee so my bride will have a cup as soon as her feet  hit the floor.
We had a good weekend, yesterday Nicole was here most of the day and than went to her Dad’s for the night. Donna only had the evening restaurant shift, so she was able to get an afternoon nap in before leaving.
Today she was OFF the entire day, no call in to the restaurant it was good she could just relax and do what she wanted, of course she did clean the bathroom in our bedroom and some other chores, but she did get another nap this afternoon. I hope she is getting some of the rest she needs.
My Son and his friend Danny finished installing the three turbines on the new roof, two of the old turbines we had the bearings were shot so they replaced them with new, ones, they also worked on the little sun porch roof to get it finished.It’s only 3 square of shingles and they should have it done today and that will be it for the roofing job.
Donna has a pot roast simmering and the house has that good supper is cooking smell.
We both have to do some Christmas shopping, I am getting a list together for the grandkid’s, sheesh all the stuff they want I’ve never heard of except of course the Barbie stuff Nicole has on her list.
Rigg’s just went to red alert, must have seen a feral cat in the back yard.
That’s about it for now Be safe out there, and have a great week… Sam & Donna…….


  1. Sounds like a great day at the Weibel ranch...especially the pot roast simmering..I love when kitchen smells waft through the house! I gotta say, I don't miss Xmas shopping. We gave the little boys their gifts before we left, and the older grandkids love a WalMart gift card..Den and I quit exchanging gifts years ago...We have all we want and more.

  2. Pot roast - sounds wonderful. I'm fixing meatloaf for dinner tonight but I may have to think seriously about a pot roast this week. Glad Donna got a chance to get some naps in this week-end. Those are always good. We don't do much shopping so I'd be with you on not knowing what that stuff is. Not even sure about Barbie's anymore. Some of them have gone hi-tech.

  3. Pot Roast... My Joe's favorite supper. Last year were were shopping for Joe's 10 year old grandson. What he wanted, we had never heard of either but there was a boy about that age in the isle of Target with his mom. I asked her if I could speak to him about a gift for our grandson. She said sure, he took me right to the toy in question, and even suggested which one of those toys he would probably like best, and if we got it we would "also need this"...... Christmas eve, grandson's smile said it all. Thank you little boy for your help.

  4. nothing like a Sunday dinner of pot roast and mashed potatoes and gravy!!..enjoy!!

  5. That pot roast smells delicious!!!! lol We have 3 grandkids in Florida (we're in west central IL; just about 3 hours from you two) and have NO idea what to get them for Christmas. They have everything and need nothing. Tell Donna to get some rest - she is wearing me out...

  6. Ah,,,I love roast beef,,,Put some horseradish on it and ,,my mouth is watering!! Glad the roof is about done...always nice when a job is finished.... C ya..

  7. Glad you had a nice weekend. The pot roast sounds delicious.

  8. I haven't made pot roast for some time. Think I will today.
    My dogs go red alert when the neighbors cats cross the yard too.

  9. Great to hear the roof will be all finished before Christmas. That roast in the oven sure sounded good!

  10. Glad to hear that Donna is getting in a couple of afternoon naps. Knowing Donna, she won't be sitting long without finding something to do. Glad that the roof is done. I can smell that pot roast from here. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. Pot Roast sounds really good ~ glad you had a great day!
    Have fun

  12. glad to hear the roof is done..and that Donna is resting when she can..we also had roast beef last night for supper...love the smell of it cooking..have a super week..