Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Notes.

Disaster struck the Weeb Ranch last night around 11:00PM when Donna got home from the restaurant. She discovered that somehow after Adam  & I  were in bed. Sadie & Rigg’s got a packet of D-Con out from under the cook station and then tore it apart in the hallway. It is impossible to know how much each consumed, but Donna was on the 24 hour emergency line to the Vet and he said to bring them both in at 09:30AM that they should be okay until then.

Neither one showed any sign of distress or poisoning, but the Vet said it takes awhile for this stuff to start to work and makes them bleed internally.

Donna cleaned up the mess where they had spilled it and the box tatters real good since this poison depends on a sweetener to get the intended victims (rodents) to eat them.

My son Andy and I took the two of them to the Vet and she weighed them, Rigg’s 107lbs, Sadie 8lbs.then got a blood sample from both of them and said she was supplying a prescription. for vitamin K tablets, 25 mg for Sadie and 50mg for Rigg’s and that they will be given another test in 21 days. The prognosis is good for the both of them and the Vet said the secret is getting them in within 24 hours and starting them on the medicine right away.

As you might know there were some scary moments until the vets appointment, since both of these pals of ours are special. Soon as we got home the partners in crime got their pills and were told they were on super strict double probation and that anything that gets near their mouths will be watched. Since the bill for the two of them was $250 I can not stand any more excitement like that for awhile.

Adam is out playing, it went from 22 degrees this morning at 06:00AM to 45 degrees at 11:00AM so he called his buddies and they are meeting up now for some outdoor play. I certainly prefer this to sitting in front of the xbox, they can do that when it gets really cold in another few weeks.

Well I think I will put this aside for today and hope everyone has a good weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. I have to say, as much as we miss our dog Whiskey, we do not miss paying vet bills!

    Hope Riggs and Sadie are okay!


  2. Looks like you may need some child-safety locks to keep him from opening doors and closets. Glad they are able to be treated for this. Sorry about the expense.

  3. What a scary thing to happen. I hope they are both all right.

  4. Sam and Donna, I hope that your pets will be all right. Good thing they left the evidence so that you knew what happened!

  5. I don't think there is anything like a black lab to get into trouble with eating everything they can get their paws on. A friend of mine had a lab who once ate an entire package of dried beans. The vet didn't do anything, just said "Well, don't give him any water". I guess the dog survived it because he lived several more years. My lab once tore open a stocking stuffer at Christmas that contained a bag of Hershey chocolate kisses. All he left was the plastic bag & Xmas wrapping. So much for chocolate being deadly for dogs - Smoky loved it!

    I have some of those little mouse/rat cakes but haven't put them down yet because I want to make sure my dog can't get at them - although she is much too lazy to try very hard. I hope everything turns out ok with your two dogs.

  6. I know you guys were pretty scared! I sure hope they are ok and the medicine does the trick. Keep a close eye on them.

  7. Oh gosh. Serious stuff. I do hope all is well and I'm truly glad you discovered the damage quickly. We came close to losing our dog to rat poison and were so glad the vet recognised what was wrong with our sick pet ...probably days after she discovered and ate the little red cake at my mother's.

    Dogs are so curious and try it all out in their stomachs. Wishing Riggs and Sadie and their family all the best.


  8. Oh Sam. I sure hope your pals are okay. But the vet sure sounded pretty positive about them being okay. Those vet bills can really set you back. Another reason I've said that we probably won't get another dog when these two girls are gone. Besides the fact that I can't take the heartache when they die. Be sure to let us know how they are doing.

    And that's enough excitement.

  9. That's one of those things you have to "err" on the bad side...Sounds like you did just that, took them to the vet and got the right diagnosis to help them just in case....Gypsy ate a dozen choc chip cookies, and she never even got sick, but D-con is a whole different story...Put them both on "lock down", no liberty for 48 hours....then lots of wet dog lips kisses :-))

  10. OMG! I read your blog fast fast fast as I could to make sure neither dog died! Then I reread it more slowly to Steve out loud. We are both very very relieved they are doing fine. Keep a close eye on our little RVcaninebuddies!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. Wow, talk about scary! Watch them carefully for the next few days. Riggs is big enough that it probably won't hurt him too much but Sadie is another story. But more than likely you have taken the correct precautions and everything will be OK....


  12. So glad you found out sooner than later and that they were able to get into see the vet and get treatment. Not so happy about the $250...hope the next few days bring no more surprises of the negative count.

  13. wow what a scare for you all..glad it was treatable and we hope and pray they are both fine...

  14. So sorry to hear about Riggs and Sadie...how scary. Sure hope the medicine is effective and they are okay.

  15. I say they both need a 'time out'!..so glad to hear that they are both okay!..hope the medicine works!!..