Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Up early with my bride, and then she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

I had to make a run to Wal Mart to get some bulbs to replace here, I needed a special one for the light over the garage door, a long skinny halogen, and they did have it.

Then this afternoon I went out to Warrenton to pick up Adam. He is now on his Christmas break and his Mom has to work, so he will be staying with Grandpa & Grandma until Saturday.

He really thought his Dads new Jeep was cool and had to have a ride in it.

That’s about it a short post today. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. we have a Warrenton in Oregon, not far from Astoria, Oregon on the coast.
    Merry Christmas
    Betty and Joe

  2. wow thanks for the reminder we have a roof light we have to change and forgot about it...I just reminded rick after reading your blog...have a wonderful time with Adam and a very merry christmas!!

  3. Just stopping in to say HELLO and Merry Christmas on this the first day of winter. Getting up to 60 here today in NJ. I'm not complaining, mind you.

  4. Sounds like things are going smoothly for you all....
    Happy Holidays