Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday News.

We were up at 06:30AM I may have been a half hour earlier but I got the coffee made so Donna would have a break.

She is working the 10:00AM to 04:00PM shift at the restaurant today.

Adam is one happy camper, since we have had some sunny and mild days here considering it’s December. I asked if he wanted to go looking at some wheels, he has asked for a bike for Christmas. So off we went to Wally World. All the way there I asked him what kind of bike he had in mind and he said I know just the one I saw it in my dream last night, It’s black and has tall shiny handle bars and it has pegs front and back and a spinner BMX  handle bars. Pardon my ignorance but I had to ask what a spinner was and he said you can spin the front wheel all the way around when it is doing a wheelie.I know my Harleys would never do that.

Once we got there the parking lot was jammed, and I told him better hope they have bikes left. Once inside he was off to the bike department like a shot. As soon as I got there there I saw that he had a big smile on his face and he said Grandpa they have two black ones just like I saw. The one was a little better constructed with Allen head bolts instead of regular nuts and bolts and heavier looking mounting hardware for the seat and handlebars, which by the way were chrome. It also had a $30 dollar higher price tag. But I said what do think , take this for a test ride and see how it feels so we got it down off the stand and he rode it around the bike aisles and came back and said all it needs is for the seat to be raised and the bars moved back and it will be perfect. So I said to him, since it was only a week from Christmas day and it was sunny I would go ahead and get him his present early. Talk about one happy kid.


                        Adam & His new bike.

Got it home and off he went to show it to his buddies in the neighborhood.

Well that takes care of one Grand, Donna sais she wanted to get Nicole’s gifts, since they would be girly things, so I said sure.

I am easy to please, 1 package of underwear, 1package of socks, and a 30 pack of Miller High Life Light and my Christmas is made.

Well that’s about it for today , Adam is out riding his bike it is sunny and cool.but that won’t stop a boy on his new bike. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Glad the furkids are ok. That was close...

  2. Great looking bike. You bet Adam will be happy with that.

    Spinner BMX handle bars? Wow... that sure sounds dangerous, I think I'd have killed myself if I had those when I was a kid.

  3. What a spiffy looking bike. Adam is going to have so much fun you'll never see him inside unless the weather is miserable. How fun.

  4. Nice looking bike, Adam!!!..happy holidays to you!!!

  5. I like your Christmas list - underwear, socks, and a 30 pack. What more do you need!

    That is a really cool looking bike.

  6. Adam looks sooo happy! I would rather spend money on a bike than a new Xbox game anyday!!! How about a photo of your new look, Santa??

  7. nothing like a boy's smile while sitting on a new bike..and he even dreamt about it...he looks so excited...we all need to see you without the beard :)...have a super Christmas week...I assume the furkids are ok after their fiasco...

  8. Great looking bike...glad he is enjoying it. How are the pups today? Have a great night.

  9. And he got his Xbox fixed to boot! Man he is one lucky kid!! Anyway it looks really nice and I am sure he is very proud of it!

  10. Yup, I think it is best left to Donna to get Nicole's gifts.