Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Mumblings.

Was up at 06:00AM with my bride for coffee, then did some blogging. It rained most of the morning and the temps stayed around 79 degrees. About 10:00AM Adam called and asked to come over for the night so he is other Grandpa drove him here to the ranch. It is good to have at least one of them here for the weekend, Nicole is staying with her Dad this weekend. She only has two weeks before school starts so she will be moving her stuff to her Dads probably sometime this week. When that is done I will convert that bedroom back to a guest room and do away with all the little kid decorations and that way if the kid’s aren’t here we have a guest room for visitors again.

Got a great suggestion from one of my commenter’s yesterday about a possible remedy for my neuropathy pain in my feet. what a great thing this blogging is. Thank you so much goes out to QuiltinLibraryLady for the information.

Tonight, it’s Ravioli’s for Grandpa & Pizza for Adam, he doesn’t like Ravioli's, but you just can’t keep a good pizza hound down.

Not much else going on here. so I will say See Ya tomorrow . Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……



  1. You and Adam stay out of trouble. Nicole isn't around to keep you in line.

  2. You and Dennis should both have your pics on a beer bottle...as should our sonin-law!

  3. Let us know how that remedy works for your feet. Maybe I can convince Russ to try it.

    1. I sent the order in to Vitacost today, so it might be the end of the week or so before I receive the pills, then it might take two weeks to start seeing ant results, I ordered the alpha liporic acid, and the benfotiamine. What the heck it won't hurt to try it. I'll ket you know as soon as I know anything.Did know Russ had neuropathy is that why he uses the cane, I think canes are neat you don't need to get near as close to the kid's to wack them one. Be safe out there. Sam....