Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Was up at 04:30AM and ad coffee with my bride, the she was off to the truck company, she said she was feeling a lot better and was going to go into the restaurant tonight.

I decided to hitch up the fiver and at 07:30AM Rigg’s and I headed for Lake Sherwood. Rigg’s must have missed his nap after his Mom left for work because the minute we left the driveway he looked around and saw the trailer was behind us and then laid down with his head on the consol next to me and went to sleep.

When we got to the campground there was only two spots taken so we had our favorite spot #15 ready and waiting for us. This will give Rigg’s plenty of room to stretch his legs and run.

The tree service finally did arrive a little after 04:00PM yesterday with a big tracked skid loader and a tractor trailer to load all the wood up in. the pile was 8 feet deep in places.


The skidloader had big jaws in front and took a big bite of it at a time.

It still took them about two hours to finish and it was really nice looking when they got done. I will run John Deere through there and throw some seed out if we get any rain soon. Hopefully this will bring the place back into compliance with the County burn pile ordnance.


Got a picture of my Grandaughter Allie in New Jersey, she was at some car thing with friends, she starts her second year of college soon.

Rigg’s is napping while I type this I know he will want to go with me when I goo to the Pool later.


Better wrap this up for now and start laying around and taking it easy in the recliner.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Nice to hear you and Riggs are at the lake, enjoy. He certainly looks very relaxed in the picture. Glad Donna is over the bug and you got your wood moved.

  2. Glad you two were able to make your trip, enjoy!

  3. I had a couple nice COLD frosty mugs of draft last night after our long hike in the woods here in beautiful Courde d Alene, ID ,,, I thought of you, I seldom drink beer anymore, but man I was thursty and it was HOT,,,they shore tasted good!

    Enjoy the lake Campin with your ole buddy Riggs... Megabyte2 is on my lap as I type,,,she loves ole Pops! My kitty from Heaven!