Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Slept in this morning with Rigg’s, and missed coffee. About 08:00AM I took advantage of the 75 degree temperature and got John Deere out and mowed all the grass. It really hadn’t grown much but the weeds were starting to push through it hadn’t been cut in about 3 weeks. Just to hot at over 100 to spend 3 hours out there.
Plus I wanted to wait for the tree service to clear the brush piles so I could start at the highest setting and cut that down until it is a lawn again. It’s never going to be a lawn, lawn, but the prairie grass like all around us. I have a few patches of zosia it places, but not in the back where the pile was. Whatever it is once you keep it cut down it looks goods. Right now a lot of cracked bare ground and brown grass is showing. just have to wait till Fall for the rains to replenish it.
Not much else going on it was sunny this morning and by the time I got off the tractor at noon it was just about 90. That is hot enough for me. I went in and jumped in the shower to cool off, and then I had a peanut butter sandwich and two glasses of cold lemonade. Yep. we know how to live here at the Ranch.
Rigg’s is napping next to his Daddy’s chair again. The fur on his bald spot is just starting to grow like peach fuzz.
Today is the last day for his medication, He seems to be doing just fine. and would just love to get out and run with the kid’s if they were here.
That’s about it for today, Hope all is well out there in blog land. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. OOH, a cool glass of lemonade sounds so good.

    Sure hope the weather breaks for you guys soon.

  2. That's what I was thinking too!! I have a bag of lemons in my fridge and I keep forgetting to make lemonade. Sure sounds good. thanks for mentioning it.

  3. You guys have had quite a run of hot weather...It's gonna be in the 90's here today and tomorrow..I'm just getting tired of sweating..

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