Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Mumblings.

Was up at 06:00AM, spent yesterday afternoon in the pool again, said good bye to all my swim buddies and the lifeguards from this summer, they all are heading back to college, next next week.
About 09:00AM I started to get everything travel ready inside the fiver, so I could make it ready to get underway. It really has gotten down into a routine list for getting everything done to be road ready, a stop at the dump station was made and the tanks were emptied and flushed clean. The next trip planned is the Rally in Sept. and we have signed up for  a FHA site so I won’t have to worry about the tanks lasting now this week with juts me I didn’t fill it but if there is more than one person that 40 gal black water tank fills in about 6 days.
Got back to the Ranch at 10:30AM and parked Chappie on her spot, I had given the bathroom a cleaning, yesterday and this week I want to sweep, vacuum, mop and polish the new floor, after a week with Rigg’s his hair needs to go. we keep the sofa covered so the cover will be washed and then we will have the inside ready for the next trip. The groceries will need  to be restocked right before leaving. I usually keep soft drinks(gator G2) and bottled water, and beer in the fridge, and a couple of frozen dinners in the freezer to keep us going until a grocery stop. I have a feeling at the Rally Donna will want to eat out a couple nights.
Now I can catch up on reading some blogs and seeing what’s going on on out in blog land, sorry I haven’t kept in touch for  week and a half, but now I have my own DSL and wi-fi again.
I wanted to take Donna to dinner for a birthday dinner, but she isn’t sure yet. I hope she is feeling all right, I had a little stomach distress when I got home, but I will go if she does. I did leave her a dozen Rose’s, a box of dark chocolates, a blouse and some cards at the house on her birthday so she would have some surprise gifts when she got home from work, she had both jobs that day so there was no celebration time, so I stayed at the Lake.
Today it was cloudy at the Lake and this afternoon we have had a steady rain here at the ranch, first in a week, I must say this has been a great summer for sunshine and camping. At Least for Rigg’s, the Kid’s and Grandpa, Poor Donna had to work. So far all the systems are working on the fiver, so we will have a good Rally. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Hope you are both feeling OK...Donna will feel better after a little vacation, I am sure!

  2. Are you saying Donna is full of it? That's why you can't last through the rally without full hook-ups? Funny. :)

  3. Glad you had a nice time at the lake. Too bad Donna can't go. But I bet the two of you will have fun at the rally. How nice of you to leave surprise gifts for her.

  4. Welcome home!!! Alwaays good to get back home....no matter how long you were gone!!!