Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Mumblings.

Was up at 06:00AM and gad coffee with my bride. Got a pleasant surprise, After I went to bed last night Adam Called and asked his Dad to pick him up so he could spend the weekend here. Andy went out and got him and he was snoozing when I got up. After coffee I went to check blogs and the DSL was not working, I went downstairs where the modem and wireless router is located. ( it’s now one unit) and tried unplugging it and waiting and then plugging it in again but still nothing, the DSL light was flashing which means it’s not getting a DSL signal.

I waited until about 09:00 and tried it again and it was still flashing so I called Centurytel Tech support to see if they were having trouble, the girl said she didn’t see that any lines were off, but she would have a Tech come out.

About 10:00AM I noticed the Skype light was green so I tried the internet and we were back up and on line. never got a call but it must have been something in their lines.

Andy took Adam this morning for his weigh in for football. He came home so happy because he weighed 98 lbs. and said Grandpa I only have two lbs. to be a hundred. I said great but you need 5 lbs. to catch up with Rigg’s because he weighs 103lbs.

Adam is happy the internet is back so he can play on his xbox with his friends on line.

Donna has the restaurant tonight, so it will be a quiet night at the ranch tonight.

It was another gorgeous sunny day with a high of 86, just right for this time of the year, Hope everyone is having a good weekend, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Sounds like Adam is a strapping young man and will hold his own on the football field...I LOVE football season (as an OLD cheerleader, I can get pretty vocal while watching the Chicago Bears!!)

  2. Perfect weather! Cooler here in WY today but expected to get close to 100 again in a few days. Come on fall!

  3. Hard to believe its time for football already. Always loved that time of year with my boys.

  4. Good deal - got to spend some time with Adam.That always makes the week-ends more fun. And Riggs is definitely a big boy at 103 lbs. My Scooter is overweight at 16 lbs.

  5. Nice that Adam is able to spend the weekend with you, hope you are able to make it out to the lake.

    Glad you got the internet back, Kevin really hates it when he doesn't have internet.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Glad you got to spend some of your weekend with Adam. The kids being around always seem to make the weekends better. Nice to hear your temps are down a bit but still nice for the lake.

  7. Hello from Glacier National Park way up here in the top of Montana... It is sure pretty up here, but lots of people too. Yesterday many of the pull outs along the famous Road to the Sun were FULL! Not a parking spot anywhere. Enjoy your peace and quiet......