Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up at 04:30AM for coffee with my bride. Then she was off to the truck company and Rigg’s and I went back for a  knap. I just noticed that while I was at the Lake last week and without my own wi-fi, I got two more followers. Welcome to MARK & LAUREE they have a blog , just click on their name to see it, also BETTY BROOKS  STENGER couldn’t find a blog for her so if you have one send us the address.I hope you guys enjoy the misadventures of our group and Rigg’s as we either stay at the Ranch or travel in our fiver. Until my wife retires we will be strictly part timers.
Saw this on the web someplace and have to pass it on.
Sam is happy with this one.
Also one more.
Life was so much simpler.
Another gorgeous summer dog day of August, sunny, temps in the middle nineties, makes me wish for the pool again this week.
Rigg’s and Sadie are lying next to my kitchen chair taking full advantage of the ceiling fan, funny how they pick out the cool spots and the places they feel safe in for their naps. This morning when Rigg’s and I took our nap Sadie came in and I put her up on the bed and she curls up under your arm and goes to sleep.
After the Rally is over, I am hoping we can make a long 4 day weekend in November to Branson for Veterans Week. I am gonna try to see if my Navy Helicopter buddies will be there again this year, they said they generally go every year. That was so neat to see those guys after 40 years. Boy what a fun time.
Not much going on here at the ranch, my son & his girlfriend are making some killer chili for supper so no cooking for me tonight.
Hope everyone is having a fine week. be safe out there, Sam & Donna..


  1. Now that's a Can of beer Sam. Can't believe it's almost a year already sense your trip to Branson.

  2. That can of beer would probably last you for a whole long weekend, Sam.

  3. Sam, next time ask the doctor what size of beer! I think that might just be a little over the limit. That or you will have to ask Kevin over to help you with it.

    Kevin and Ruth