Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to another day in Dardenne Prairie Mo. Morning coffee was great, all to soon Donna had to leave for the truck company, tonight is a restaurant night for her so Rigg's and I will be batching it. Went down to the office and started checking blogs. Later in the morning my son Andy said he would go to the grocery store for me because he wanted to pick up the ingredients for some homemade enchilada's his Girlfriend Samantha wants to make for us this weekend. What a coincidence,  Rick just had a blog about making some yesterday, so of course I hid the recipe I copied so he would think it was an original idea.

Without having a store run I will pretty much stay around the house.Oh yes before I forget I want to WELCOME a new follower, Barbara of Me & My Dog , hope you enjoy our blog even though some days I have to scrap for a topic, but generally I can find something. That reminds me what can I use for today.

How about some of my old doggie pictures of Rigg's growing up he is always ready to have a picture taken, what a ham.


            Rigg's first day in a new home.


                             His first Duckey.


                           My first ham shot.


                3 months old, getting bigger.


                  10 months old what a tongue.


                     I'm one year old.


                 I'm one and a half in May 2010.


                  With my Dad camping, July 2010


          Me now in Aug 21010, I'm a big boy now.

Rigg's is quite the character, he loves his buddy Adam and is good with other kid's. But what a Daddies boy, Mom gets her share of attention. But Mr. Rigg's lives to be by his Daddy as close as he can get. When you go from about 3 lbs when he came home to us at about 10 weeks old, to the hundred lbs he is now and all muscle, he can sometimes be a hand full even for a big Dad. But we have always been graced with loving and good mannered animals, a lot of it I know is the effort we put forth and the love he is shown here at home. Money really can't buy the loyalty and love of a good dog, yep even when their wet and smelly coming home from a swim at the doggie park in the truck, it's still worth the time and effort that goes into having a companion for life. I for one enjoy reading about others pets especially dog's, they sure add the topping to life's cake. Just ask Paul & Helen our friends from Florida. Paul & Helen at Home. Jodie & Coco's parents. If you haven't seen it look at their header picture.

For you out there that don't have a furry companion, remember this. Never take a puppy for a test drive, he will never go back and you will find yourself with a friend for life.

Be safe out there, hope you all have a great day and give those furry friend out there a pet from us. Sam & Donna.


  1. There is nothing quite like a black lab....hugs to Riggens, the wonder dog!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos of Riggs. He's a handsome boy.

  3. Cute dog. We wish we could have one, but our noses won't allow it. Had 5 critters at the stix and brix and still get to see some of them.

  4. hugs to Riggens, the wonder dog..he is bigger than Tucker!!..75-80 pounds of golden muscle here!!..nice trip down memory lane!!

  5. Riggs really is a great guy! Since you two are going to be home alone this evening, you better not be planning any loud and rowdy parties!! We don't want the neighbors calling the cops. :)

    Cute pics of Riggs growing up.

  6. Riggs is "ham dog" that's for sure. He's a natural for pics! Good luck with the enchiladas - no matter which recipe you use!

  7. Yep! A dog is man's best friend. Whiskey sure has us wrapped around her paw. She gets away with more than what our kids did.

    Couldn't imagine life without them. Rigg's is a beautiful dog and you can sure see that he loves you as much as you love him.

    Kevin and Ruth