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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Happenings

Got up to another cooler day, had coffee with Donna saw another storm front moving across MO on the Satellite map and sure enough it started to rain and has continued most of the day. Not getting any thing done, at least out side, and the truck will stay parked again. After Donna left for the truck company, I went down and the computer fired up just fine and I started to check blogs and other sites I frequent.

Wanted to clarify my blog of the other day, when I said I had 3000 pictures to catalog, these are not all pictures I have taken, like blogging I have a bunch of websites I go to where I post the train pictures I take and in return download the pictures they have from collections from all over the USA & Canada. When I download them now that you can use long file names I rename them with the date they were taken, location and subject as the file name, then as I said I first put them in a master file called Newpics, and then I go back and sort and route them to the folder I want them to go in, For example I have a Steam Folder for all the steam engines, except for MY favorite Road which I have a separate Dlwsteam folder.

If I wasn't the photographer whoever took the picture usually has an ID copyright printed somewhere on the picture. I won't repost anything that is copyrighted without permission.

How big is my collection in digital form, Thousands, my collection of my favorite home road Erie-Lackawanna now comprises 7702 pictures, The DLW,1090, The Erie.1234, Dlwsteam 547, Eriesteam 1057, as you can see steam pictures are hard to come by since rail fan photography didn't gain any popularity until the post ww2 era, when steam except for Canada was on the decline. You lucky guys had it into the early 60's. The total count of pictures is hard to say since I have 155 folders now and some contain hundreds of pictures.

As a comparison I have 564 pictures in my blog folder that I have taken since January. So you can see the train pics would be in the thousands. I use a 60gig hard drive to store them on and it has 40 gig of free space left. I also back that drive up to DVD's on a monthly basis.

Here are a couple of my favorite Steam pictures.AT SF2928atSummitCA10-19-52











I included one each from the Canadian National, the green engine known as a Bullet nosed Betty it still see's excursion duty, and the maroon Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson that still see's excursion duty in British Columbia.

The rest are all from the USA, the third from the bottom is a shot I took if the Frisco 1522 passing through Old Monroe MO. It is now in the Train Museum in Kirkwood MO. and  I posted a picture of it there on an earlier blog when I spent the day at the museum. As you can see the color had already shifted on a couple before they were scanned so that is why digitizing collections is so important the dyes used in prints and slides is prone to turning red and shifting color with age especially after about 30 year, look at some of your old family albums when color first started and you will be seeing it.

I will now turn my thoughts to cooking for one tonight as Donna goes to the restaurant, it will be something easy like Baked Cannelloni since that will give me leftover's for a second night later in the week. There is a sort of method to my madness, My sister Wendy says she is looking forward to my cooking since she knows my Mom did her job right and taught the boys how to cook. She always told me it gave her peace of mind in case my wife ever threw me out, she knew i wouldn't starve.

Poor Rigg's lays will his tongue out when all those good smells from the oven fill the kitchen, but there is a strict rule laid down by Mom. No people food for Rigg's so he just wait's till the bitter end and when the dish's are clean and put away he finally goes to his dish and finish's his doggie food. Can't blame him for trying though.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.


  1. Whoo-hoooo..couldn't resist a train sound!! lol My great Uncles all worked on the train lines in Dallas growing up. There was one who fell off and was killed by a train. we saw a horrific train /car crash as a child..it happened right in front of us..the whole family was killed..how they didn't see the train is beyond me..the sound is something that stays with you all your life!!
    But I do love trains..the things they carry..the trips the conductors could talk about..pretty fasinating stuff.
    That dinner sounds yummy! Maybe you and Donna need to print out a cookbook!! Just sayin!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Now them there are some really nice train pictures, Sam....I wish those were the neat ones that were traveling through our back yard!

  3. Nice train pictures. I find them fasinating to watch.

  4. Like the old train pic's and you have a lot of them.

    Dinner sounds good and we like you we don't feed any of the dogs people food and they don't beg when we eat. Stay dry

  5. I'll be thinking of you next week. We leave NJ on Weds, stopping in Blacksburg VA for 3 days on way to NC . Campsite is on a river but with two train tracks within sight and frequent trains going by. Let's just see if we get any sleep.

  6. Great train pics, Sam. I've seen the Royal Hudson train during it's runs from Vancouver up to Whistler - that's a pretty popular trip.

    Baked Canneloni sounds great. I'm right in the process of making Baked Chicken Enchiladas for dinner tonight - take some pics and we'll compare tomorrow!!

  7. So! Bullet Nosed Betty ( # 6060 ) was interred in Jasper, Alberta for some time. When I ( Don ) worked for Canadian National( 33 years ), it was there to be rebuilt in the round house. It also went to Expo 86 in Vancouver, with other steam locomotives. It went by our house in Jasper, along with some blue Alberta grain cars. Her favorite engineer is still working on her. Early in the rebuilding process, it was sent to the shop where the Royal Hudson was, because they were the only ones who could re-tune the boiler. She now does excursions in Alberta.

    We also do not feed people food, especially from the table! It's a good practice, even if their lovely eyes are begging.

  8. Yep, those old steam locomotive pictures bring back memories for sure.

  9. That is still a lot of train pics, but since it is your passion and hobby, it is understandable that you would have many. Enjoy your dinner.

  10. I like your blog! Thanks for stopping by and signing on as followers on mine, I'm going to follow your's too.
    Those trains are complicated looking machines aren't they. I have a friend in Placerville who is (or was when I was there) a conductor on a train line. Davey "Doc" Wiser. Really interesting man, had some good stories! You've got some great photos, enjoyed seeing them.