Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pet Contest at the Rally Saturday

Up early had a free Coffee and donuts breakfast at the Hall. Then it was back to the trailer to wait and get Rigg’s ready for his first public appearance. Mom found out the Men’s medium shirt was to small and had to put it on him backwards,  But she saved the day, complete with a rope belt he was finally ready.


                         Donna dressing Rigg’s.



                                Hillbilly Rigg’s.

The big news is Rigg’s won the first prize in the Trick’s category, by doing his High Five, Taking a Bow, and Standing straight up for a treat. Donna had been a patient teacher and he came through after just a bit of distraction from the other dogs.

There were a lot of pretty costumes most were on small dog’s and were pretty fancy, even the one little lady who lost her panties when she was being walked by the judges. it was hilarious but she did not win. Rigg’s was the only male in the costume contest and I think all the pretty girl doggies had the judges swayed, but he performed his walk like a trooper.








      Our Happy Prize Winner getting his prize.

What was the prize Rigg’s won, A bag of doggie treats of course, We were both so proud of his behavior since he was biggest dog entered he was the center of attention and everyone had to give him a pet and you could tell by the tail wagging he was eating up the attention. It was truly a lot of fun for all of us.

Got another moon shot when we got up this morning next week it will turn to a Lair’s moon.


                  05:00AM Moon shot.

We both have a couple of seminars to go to this afternoon and then we will be going out again for dinner with another couple from Nebraska. Last night Donna & I went to a nice Italian Restaurant in Columbia MO. called La Bambino’s, very good food and not overly expensive.

Better get this posted, hope everyone is enjoying their day as much as we are. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. congratulations,Riggs!!..looking mighty handsome!!

  2. Glad Riggs is enjoying his time in the spotlight. Looks like Mom and Dad enjoyed it too. Stay safe...

  3. Congratulations, Riggs! You make a great looking hillbilly.

  4. Congratulations to Mr. Riggs...you have raised him right..lol

    Hugs to ya'll..Cindy and Walker

  5. I'm not surprised by Riggen's win..He is one handsome devil!! Too bad you couldn't find a black tuxedo for him..You know, his for his "formal" nights on the town....
    Glad to see you and Donna are having a great time...You both deserve it!!

  6. I hope you don't show these pictures around to Riggs friends back home. I would not want him to be humiliated. They surely would tease him if they knew he competed in a contest with only GIRL dogs! And then won!

  7. Just love the photos! Riggs is GREAT. Aren't big dogs wonderful? Congratulations on the win. Looks like you guys are having a super time. It sounds like you are taking advantage of all they are offering, and I think that's why. Keep up the good reporting! :)

  8. That a boy Riggs, Annie loved your hillbilly get up.

    Labs Rule...

  9. Rigg's got robbed! He should have won the costume prize! But, he won the important prize for tricks so congrats Rigg's, way to go!

  10. Nice job Riggs! Well and perhaps kudo's to Donna too, since Riggs had to learn from someone!

  11. It's no big surprise Riggs won the contest. He is one talented dog! And very cute, too.

  12. Why Riggs, we knew you had the talent!

    Ducky and Duke are jealous that they didn't get to join in the fun!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  13. Riggs looked so happy in the photos. Glad it was fun for all of you. Of course we all knew Riggs was "a winner". Congrats, Riggs!

  14. Way to go Riggs! Looks like you had a Hootin an Hollarin good ole time!

  15. Whiskey says to tell Riggs, congratulations on winning the tricks competition.

    Whiskey is pretty good with tricks to and would like to see Riggs tricks and show him hers one day.

    Glad you are having lots of fun!

    Kevin and Ruth