Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, September 3, 2010


Up at 04:30am and the coffee was already on the counter, wow what a great wife. Today is another double for Donna, but she will have the truck company off and just the restaurant tomorrow. Sue & Doug from Big Dawg & Freeway had a shout out yesterday thanking me for the idea for their blog for today, I am flattered that someone else could use the idea and do a better job at it. Take a look at their boy Tucker.

I did forget one of my favorite pictures of the day when Rigg's came to live with us, I didn't know he was coming as my son knew a Lab breeder who had been his high school football coach, when he heard Duke had passed away he called Andy and offered a puppy at a huge discount. I initially didn't want another dog, but as I said how do you say no in your heart to something like this. Donna took the picture just before Andy brought him in my bedroom and laid him on my chest. That was on Feb 01-2009. The Weibel household has been a circus ever since.


My first day home with my big brother holding me.My new family made me feel safe and I fell asleep on Dad's chest.


Here I am going for a ride with him in Dad's truck in June2010.

Today was a good day to be out puttering a high around 80 degrees and low humidity made it one of those days that are great for working outside. I raised the front jacks on the trailer with the manual crank till they were fully extended and then painted a red line and the word's upper limit about a half inch below where the legs were extended, Then I cranked it down to the lower limit and did the same for that side. You don't want to be raising or lowering them with the motor and run it against the stops, that will tear up the ceramic gears inside.. Ask me how I know from my first 5th wheel. It's cheap and easy insurance to save on an expensive repair.

Then I installed a 20 lb LP tank in the front with the two 30lb'ers. this is the one I will use for the new portable gas grill I am planning on buying, I will convert it from the small LP cartridges to the bottle and the hose. I had a length of hose with a low pressure regulator and the new bottle fitting from a scrapped grill so all I will need to buy is a brass fitting to connect to the new grill, I will make it a quick disconnect, so the grill can stowed away from the LP bottle.

I am going to have to make a list of the model train stuff I am going to sell, I keep putting it off but the day will come when it will have to go so I might as well start now it is all HO gauge and all DCC and most of the engines are sound equipped and I will be selling them for little of their real value, so if anybody in blog land is a model railroader give me a PM and I will send you the list when I get it finished. Have never tried Craigslist, or EBay, so I will give family and blog family the first shot.

I'm sure there will be a lot of other stuff like my Jim Bean police car decanter collection, Stuff that I have had for years and now will have to go.

Hey, be safe out there,  Have a great weekend. Sam & Donna.


  1. Thanks for the great tip on marking the front jack legs. I've always worried about raising them too high with the electric motor - even though I'm pretty careful. I've got a good grease mark there now, but maybe I'll paint it red so I can clean it up a bit.

  2. Make a list, check it twice, and then get rid of the stuff! :)

  3. thanks for the mention!..Tucker is great material as is Riggs..so it was an easy post..year two coming soon..stay tuned!

  4. Your idea of painting the jacks sounds like a good idea. Non-blog readers are missing out on all this free knowledge.