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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Somehow I slept late and got up at 05:30am and Donna had already left for the truck company, she had left hot coffee in the pot, but I hate to miss seeing her in the morning, It was a cool and cloudy morning and about 09:00am I went and touched up the 2olb propane tank and then out it in the truck and was off to Wentzville to have it filled, I go to a filling station there that still refill's them instead of exchanging them. I like too that he guesstimates by picking up the cylinder and then saying, hell this is only half empty, I'll only charge you half price, so it was eight dollars to fill it, The normal price for that size is $17 at this place. Don't know why, there is a gauge to sell it by the gallon and a scale to sell it by weight, but the last two times I have been there he sold by his estimate and I 've never had to pay the full price. Both time I felt like I came out ahead and hadn't  been cheated, because an completely empty tank weighs 16 lbs on my scale and this one felt pretty light, full they should weigh around 36lbs, the 30lb tanks in my 5th wheel weigh about 19lbs empty and about 49lbs full. so usually you can tell when you pick them up if they are close to empty or keep a old bathroom scale in the garage.

Had a comment the other day about how real my model trains look so it got me to thinking if I had any pictures to compare to real trains to see how close you do come.


               Real DL&W 814 at Hoboken NJ.


My model DL&W 814 at St Charles Model Railroad Club.


Real Phoebe Snow in The Delaware Water Gap, PA/NJ border.


My model Phoebe Snow in a cut at the club.

I guess not bad for an amateur I will keep those passenger engines and cars when we fulltime in a box. it is really an impressive train to watch and it is part of my memories of my Grandfather who never got to see it completed in model form. He was really proud of his railroad, and this train was the pride of the fleet.

What do the rest of you guys do after you start full timing with old hobbies, the photography will be easy to stick with.

Today was really a slow news day, got a little rain in the early after noon and then the sun came out and it is in the middle 70's right now a real comfortable combination, but to wet to plow or cut grass.

That's it for today,hope you all had a great long weekend, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Nice tribute to your grandfather....He must have been quite a guy..look how you turned out!

  2. Great looking trains - both real and not real.

    Hobbies on the road? Blogging (reading and writing), genealogy (kept original documents, tossed a lot of it out after scanning into the laptop), swimming pool, visiting with people, walking the dog(s), and I'm real good at sitting around doing nothing but enjoying this new retirement lifestyle.

  3. Nice looking model trains! I pretty much take my hobbies with me - my digital camera, laptop computer and Sony eBook - I'm all set.

  4. I couldn't tell the real from the model....great job! What a wonderful memory you are maintaining of your grandfather. It is so special that you two share such a love of trains. I agree with Donna in that he must have been great guy because you are a pretty special fellow yourself.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Looks like you take after your grandpa. You are also a wonderful grandfather to Adam. If only everyone had a role model as great as that!

    Your model trains are so intricate!!! Do you use a magnifying glass to put them together?

  6. I had a Lionel train set as a kid all set up on a ping pong table in the basement but I have no recollection of whatever happened to it. Had some buildings, switches, etc. Back in those days electric trains seemed to be more popular with kids than nowadays. My set had the 2 wheel tracks but my friend's set had a 3 rail track system & his engine & cars seemed a big bigger than mine.

  7. I take my hobbies along...
    the spinning wheel,
    the table loom,
    the sockknitting machine
    and my knitting bag.

    And a couple totes of yarn and fibers and tools to play with them all too.

    Steveio takes along his tools and fishing gear.

    The dogs take along their frisbees, ropes and chew toys.

    So we are all set!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard