Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday at the MO Good Sam’s Rally

Friday started out early, Mom & I had coffee, then at 07:00AM we headed to the Hall for a free Pancake and Sausage breakfast sponsored by Loveall’s RV in Columbia MO. Thanks to those folks for a great Breakfast.


Sam’s new Rally friend, they had a nice long discussion on all the worlds problems, Sam said he was very agreeable on everything.

Anybody want to see Donna’s Moon Shot?


Moon just before the storm front moved through last night.



The New Guys at the Free Pancake Breakfast.

After the breakfast Sam went to a seminar on RV repair’s conducted by a 25year RV Tech from Lovall RV, He fielded questions from the audience and answered everyone’s questions in a very easy to understand manner, and to my surprise at no time solicited business for the dealership, I was really impressed.

After that there was a first timers meeting to welcome all the new guys like us to the rally, more door prizes were given out, but Donna & I didn’t win.

Then they had everyone go out the the front and get two pints of ice cream for their RV’s. Compliments of Prairie Farms Dairy Co.

Since the next event we wanted to attend was a tractor pull at 3PM We found a County Doggie Park about two miles from the fairgrounds so we took Rigg’s for a good Romp.




Then it was back to the trailer with one worn out pup who fell asleep as soon as he hit the trailer.


                After a tough Day at the Rally.

That’s about it for now, we have a nice sunny mild day and hopefully there will be plenty of people out tonight for happy hour.  Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Wow what an great rally!! This looks like a lot of fun!! Keep up us on the comings and goings!!

    Thanks for the prayers..we really appreciate it!!

    Hugs..Cindy and Walker

  2. Looks like you had a fun day and that goes for Rigg's too! He sure looked like one tired pup sleeping on the couch!

  3. Sounds like some very helpful seminars!!
    Looks like Riggs is having lots of fun himself!!
    It is so cute to see him so worn out after playing hard....just like a child!!

    You guys continue to have lots of fun with your new friends at the rally!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Looks like you are making new friends just fine! Free breakfast can't be beat. Nice that you found such a great dog park for Riggs to enjoy. Have fun tomorrow.

  5. Rigg's is going to need the rest if he's going to be the star of the dress up parade! :)

  6. have fun at the rally..looks like you are ALL enjoying yourselves!

  7. That "new friend" of yours looks like he would be a good listener! :) I'm glad that you can continue to give us updates from the Rally.

  8. Awwwww yes, it's a dog's life alright:))

  9. Sounds like a good rally. Looking at Riggs sleeping on the sofa made me smile...he sure was pooped. Hoping he will win a prize in the costume contest today - looking forward to those photos.

    Hey, you scared me when you mentioned Donna's "moon shot"! Thought we were going to get "mooned" - oh, that sounds more like Nellie.

    It is easy to see why Donna's cakes were saved to the last - they looked the best.

    Have fun!