Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday in Dardenne Prairie.

Well we slept in again until 05:30am, Had coffee with my sweetie, then hit the computer, about 07:30am I decided to to go to Lowes where I has seen a gas grill I wanted for the trailer, our grill at home is to big to be portable and is on its last legs anyway, it was a Coleman and they don't make parts such as burners which are rusted out so this will be it's last season. The grill at Lowes was a table model on sale for $49.99. Since I was going by Wal-Mart which is just up the street from Lowes and it was early I stopped there, Went in and got Rigg's a new style duckey that maybe will last longer as a surprise.


                 Rigg's with his new duckey toy.

Then I went to the lawn and garden section because since it was toward the end of the Labor Day weekend Sale I wanted to see if they had any grills marked down. When I got there they had a portable model that folds down, and has folding shelves and was about twice the cooking area as the table model. I know I have seen grills like it a Cabella's for $179.00. Anyway there was a rollback sign that said $90 so I called Donna. ( The Boss of the Weibel Accounting Division) to see if I could move a line item from $49 to $90, is that accounting talk or what. Of course she said yes, so I bought it and then stopped at Lowes and for another 99cents I bought a brass fitting to convert it from a small bottle cylinder to the 20LB gas bottle I had just put in the trailer. Hey Stevio of RVing,Small house,Big backyard... since you are the resident grill expert let me know what you think. it says it will grill 16 burgers or 3 large steaks.


           Collapsed on tailgate after assembly.


                              Ready for action.


             Back view converted to 20lb tank use.



One of the features was pins to lock the legs and shelves in position up or down. 

After I got it all setup I found out that it fit in one side of my front thru storage compartment. without even taking the old small charcoal kettle grill out and the bags of charcoal I have left. I'll have plenty of grilling room this next trip.

When I got finished with that Donna asked i I wanted to take Rigg's to the Doggie Park, sure that's always a fun afternoon, so off we went.


                      Wait for it, wait for it.


Rigg's playing tug with a Siberian Husky Male he met.Rigg'satdoggiepark09-05-10o

The yellow dog wouldn't let them play and was nipping at Rigg's.

Right after I took the pictures Rigg's had enough of the nipping, and put his big boy jockeys on, bared his teeth and chased the yellow dog off so he could resume his tug game. Does Dad have to tell you who was proud of whom, I have noticed some people don't watch their pets at these parks I would never allow Rigg's to bully another animal. So I let Rigg's handle it  I would think he should have. The lady taking the picture of her Huskey with me said, good boy Rigg's your a brave one.

Got home and my sons girlfriend Samantha had volunteered to make us supper tonight so Donna wouldn't have to cook, Homemade Enchilada's I can't wait.


             The Chef Samantha at the grill.


               Getting things ready for the oven.


                   First batch is ready, Yum, Yum.

Before I sit down to this meal that my son & his girlfriend, with the Grace of our Lord has provided for all of us, I stopped on the way home from the Doggie park at a red light and I couldn't help but think of how lucky we are in this country and also how lucky our neighbors to the north in Canada are. God had provided us with something the 3/4 of the world still doesn't know. FREEDOM. What made me think of this.

911memorial on Wighaven Dr09-05-10

This, it is the 911 Memorial along Wing Haven Blvd. Made from beams of the Fallen World Trade Center, the flags are absolutely huge. It sends a shiver down your spine as you drive by.

 Please be safe out there and enjoy the freedom we all enjoy. Thanks again for stopping by.  Sam & Donna.


  1. Nice grill. You will have many good meals from that. The 911 Memorial is stunning.

  2. Yes, I thank God for the freedom that we have in this country. That's a mighty fine-looking grill you bought! Happy eating!

  3. I like the grill and the stand it is on. So glad it is a perfect fit in the trailer, makes for easy cooking. I gree, you will have many meals cooked on this grill and have fun doing it.
    Take care and you are so right, the 911 Memorial sends chills down your body. America, may we naver forget who we are!
    Mike & Gerri

  4. Nice looking grill and even better looking enchiladas.

    Unlike myself, when making enchiladas, Samantha really looks like she knows what she's doing!!

  5. Beautiful grill - we know that the "barbie" will be cooking up a storm! Can you also put a flat griddle top on it? We have an RVQ, but any griddle we had from other BBQ's won't fit.
    Yes - the flags are very appropriate and moving.

  6. Looks like you scored yourself a dandy grill there, Sam. Having one that folds down and has it's own stand is great.

    That Riggs is sure a great dog.

  7. What brand is that grill? Looks like a good choice. In our travels, numerous parks said "no table grills", or some parks supplied some type of pad to put under a table grill so the grill wouldn't burn the table.

    Glad that Riggs stood his ground. Brave boy!

    Those big beautiful flags always remind me how fortunate we are to have our freedom and what others have done to preserve it.

  8. Great grill I have looked at one like it.When we get close to getting our 5th wheel that's the one I want.

    Good boy Riggs, some people just don't watch there pets.