Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday thoughts from Rally

We were up at the usual, 04:30AM had coffee and made sure we had everything we needed packed in the trailer. About 06:30AM We decided since the sun was coming up that we would head west.
Has a nice sunny drive to Columbia MO. and went to the Boone County Fair Grounds where the Rally was being held.
                                 This Way..
                      The Fair Grounds..
When we pulled up we had pre-registered but we were told there would be a delay because of a broken water line, after about 30 minutes they took us to our spot and I unhitched and setup, when I was setting up I found out that the water hydrant for my spot didn’t work, just then the neighbor in the motor home on my left said “hey if you have a y connector you can hook up to mine it works,” That’s what I did so we now have water & electric. Nice to have a good neighbor right off the bat, like that.
Our spot, Good Neighbor on right shared his water.
The lot we are in was empty when we parked next to the  MH but the Good Sam Rep said it should fill up today, they have two other fields all ready full.
After we were settled in we went up to the main hall and signed in, Sam won a nice hand made napkin holder as a door prize and Donna turned in her cakes and they said they would be the main prizes in Cake walk. True to there word they held Donna’s cakes until the last two draws and people were waiting for a chance to win them.
The Cakewalk Table, Donna’s two are at lower left.
                The Big Prize of the Day.
                            The Lucky Winner..
For all the Quilter's out there here is one that was being raffled off..
                   Midwest Rally Quilt.
Rigg’s is signed up for the costume parade, and the tricks contest. They will be held on Saturday, so he will have time to practice.
We are going to rest until 06:00PM when they will have an opening ceremony and a Veteran’s Recognition. Sam will try to hide for that one.
So Far so good have met a lot of nice people so far and haven’t had a happy hour or a drink yet.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Back in NJ we belong to a Good Sam Chapter. Two years in a row we did not have power to run our A/C out in an open field in 90+ weather. Breakers kept shutting off. Fortunately they rigged something and we made out alright.

    Have a great time at your Rally. Already off to a good start with the sharing on the water spigot.

  2. Glad your trip was uneventful. Looks like a nice rally, even though they aren't my cup of tea, a lot of people get a lot of good out of them. Stay safe.

  3. Sam watch out we have a big storm coming tonight hope it will miss you guys..

  4. Congrats to Donna on having her cakes selected for the prize giveaway! I hope there are more working water spigots in that area you're in or your helpful neighbour is going to be looking for more than just a Y spigot! Have fun at the Rally.

  5. Seems like you two are going to have an excellent adventure! Keep us posted. :)

  6. Glad you arrived and got settled in for the rally fun. :-)
    Congrats Donna....more great cakes!!!
    You guys have a great time!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. So far, so good! Donna, congrats on your cakes getting such recognition, they are beautiful. Lucky winners. Hope tomorrow is lots of fun.

  8. Nice thing having a good neighbor! Congrats to Donna for the cakes being chosen for the special giveaway. Seems like you folks will be enjoying a great rally. Take care.

  9. Oh I just LOVE IT that Donna's cakes were the highlight and saved as the special prizes! She is soooo talented!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Make sure you get pictures of Riggs in his costume...What is he dressing like??? Have fun..sounds like a ball!