Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday

Back into the home routine, We were up at 04:30AM and had coffee, then Donna headed out to the truck company , and I went down to catch up on blogs and file the pictures we took while we were gone.

Before I forget I want to welcome a new follower who came aboard while we were at the Rally. Welcome to Lynn-Country Heart and Roses, I couldn't find if you had a blog going yet but I am sure you will let us know if you do. I hope you enjoy reading about our life and times in Dardenne Prairie MO. until we hit the road fulltime.

After it got above 60 degrees this morning I went out and hauled the air line out and started on winterizing the water and tanks systems on the trailer, I opened the tank valves over a bucket and let them drip whatever was left in the lines into the bucket, while I was doing that I removed the caps from the low point drains and hitched up the air line and gradually increased the air pressure to 40 lbs and then went around and opened one faucet at a time and blew each out and the toilet for about 10 minutes a piece.

Then I closed the tank valves and poured a gallon of RV Pink into the toilet for the bottom of the black tank and inside of the slide vale and put about half a cup in the toilet, then poured a gallon down the shower drain into the grey tank to coat the bottom and its slide valve, after that a cup in each sink P trap and I was done, Oh yes I made sure the water heater was drained dry and then switched the valve over for winter which really won't do anything since I don't charge the lines with antifreeze like some people do. I have never had a problem with blowing all the water drops out they way I do it and we have plenty of subzero weather.

When I was done with that I had noticed that the wall on the cook station and sink cabinet next to the entry door was bulging out next to the door. I took the drawers out so I could see under there and I saw where they had drilled a screw into the wall to hold the cabinet in one of them had been over torqued and cracked the frame board. Did they try to glue it and move the screw, of course not they just backed it out and said good enough for government work. Don't you love the quality control when an RV is being assembled, makes you wonder how many more are the same way. Well after the vibrations of road trips it cracked all the way through and there was no support for the wall there, hence the bulge,Luckily I had a piece of furring board the same width as the frame so I made a splint and then drilled two screws in one above and the other below the crack and it pulled the wall back into place and since I used counter sunk screws I just put a drop of white paint on the silver heads and it looks good for non government work.

Since I had way to much fun for one day I decided tomorrow would be a better day for a good carpet cleaning and then buttoning everything up until the next trip, I did however defrost the fridge and put all the food except canned goods in the house.

I haven't decided when I will be leaving for my sisters in PA I want to give myself at least a week to get settled and move the hospital bed in before she has her surgery. I have my every three month checkup on Oct 1st and then later that week I will decide when I want to leave.

Rigg's is back to his old self after being the king of the hill at the Rally, he must know I am going to leave him because he is like a shadow around here. I swear he knows what you are talking about and listens to Donna & I when we talk. A couple of times when I said something about the trip he would run between me and the back door like if your going, I'm going too. Animals are truly amazing.

That's about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Sounds like another busy day in MO. I wish Donnie would defrost our fridge, but that unpleasant job always falls to me. Stay safe.

  2. Thanks for explaining the winterizing of the rv.

    Dogs always know when you are leaving..they just do.

    Cindy and Walker

  3. Oh yeah, there is no perfectly made RV, and if you think there is you are in for a hard lesson.
    Dennis winterized our Hiker this weekend...you never know when the good old Illinois North wind will bring in a nasty dose of winter. We hope to leave here about Nov. 15th...key word is HOPE... the best layed plans of mice and men........yada yada yada

  4. Another very busy day there, Sam. I'm always afraid I'll blow my lines apart with the air compressor so I usually use the pink stuff in them. It never gets cold enough here to really do any damage anyway.

  5. I'm sure glad I don't have to do that winterizing stuff anymore. I think it takes a toll on a rig. :)

  6. Well, you were quite busy today Sam. Good job repairing that cabinet area. You are very handy with tools and that always impresses me. Enjoy the week.

  7. Oh my goodness, what a depressing post, Sam!

    End of vacation
    Broken stuff

    You need to just get out and get camping again FAST!!! That is the only cure.....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard