Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Thoughts.

I almost didn’t get a blog out at all today, I started the day with coffee with Donna, and got her off to the truck company. I Then went back in my Grandson’s room and put a movie on and laid in the bed.

If I hadn’t told you I fell yesterday in the garage when I tripped on an air hose that hadn’t been rolled up and stored properly, when some one used it. I was carrying a box of Tide in one hand and a forty lb bag of softener salt in the other and before I knew it I was on the concrete garage floor with my right knee jammed and in considerable pain. Luckily I landed on top of the bag of salt and didn’t break an arm or wrist last like my last fall in 2005. Again I will repeat it sure seems to hurt worse in your 60’s than it did in your 20’s, and I was slow getting up. My right kneecap swelled to twice the size of my left and I could barely walk. I took pain killers last night and this morning the swelling was down some but still there and the pain was a lot better. I couldn’t say much to Donna or she would heave insisted on a trip to the emergency room which I have found in most cases is just an added expense.

Anyway I stayed off my feet most of the day except for a trip to the Post Office to pick the package up they said they were going to deliver today and didn’t, and a stop at Walgreen’s to get a couple of Donna’s prescriptions my buddy the pharmacist said to take the same pain killer’s I did and it will probably be a few day’s before the pain is gone.

I know this pales in comparison to other’s physical ailments I have read about in the past few weeks so I am not in the least complaining.

Anyway I will close with this be safe out there and watch out for hose’s on the ground. Sam & Donna.


  1. Glad you came out with no broken bones or a head injury Sam. Any bruising of the ego?

  2. Wishing you a fast recovery. Watch your steps

  3. I fell here in our garage last fall, and was amazed that I couldn't get over it in a day or two. We're just not as young as we once were. So cuss that guy that sneaked in and left the air house out, and get over that stuff quickly!!!

  4. Yep, that injury stuff always seems so much more worser in the 60's alright. In fact it's the very much most worsest of ever compared to them there younger years!!

  5. hope you are on the mend soon, Sam!!!

  6. Those falls sure happen fast, you're on the ground before you know what happened. Then, it's a case of slowly moving around to see what's working and what's not. Glad you seem to have escaped with bumps and bruises and no apparent broken bones. It's painful, I'm sure, but in a few days you'll hopefully be back running the 100 yd. dash. Take care.

  7. Ouch! Did you ice that knee? I hate falling. Get yourself a walking stick. :)

  8. Gosh Sam, I hope your knee heals up quickly. You are very lucky you didn't break something in that fall.

    Now remember...YOU be safe out there! :)

  9. Hope your knee heals fast. A fall at 60 can be a very dangerous thing. Glad it wasn't worse. Be careful.

  10. Hope you are feeling better as time goes by. Glad to know Riggs is eating again. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

  11. Sorry to hear about the fall. Hope you can get lots of rest for that knee and that you are feeling better soon.

  12. Hope you feel better real soon Sam.

  13. Geeze Sam, You have to be more careful! You've got a lot on your plate in the coming months and can't afford to get bed bound.

    Be safe out there, and also around the house.


  14. Oh my goodness...

    Are they gonna call you "Hop-A-Long Sam" ????

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  15. I missed this post...Ice it every 20-30 minutes..for the swelling..then advil or motrin for the swelling..pain.Keep moving it to keep it circulating!1

    Sounds like you are feeling better..this info is for next time..yes you know there will be one..we are at that age..the omgosh..who left that there age!! lol

    I fell 7 yrs ago..I thought I was smart and threw my body the opposite direction of my falling..I landed full blast on my knee cap..instant burn..I have always heard break..egual..burn..yep I cracked my knee cap..weird..I had to decide..crawl to the house 150 feet away..3 steps in in..2 down to the phone..or 150 feet the opposite direction to the shop and phone...I took the house route..I was covered in mud by the time I got there..drug myself in..coating my floor with mud..found phone called my friend..who rescued me and took me in to the hospital..no surgery..just 9 weeks of crutches..straight leg and a wheelchair..all because the dog tripped me..arghhh So do you feel better now..lol

    Cindy and Walker