Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

We got up at the campground early and had our coffee, Donna wanted to get an early start to Naperville, so we left around 09:00AM.
We arrived at Pam and Kerry’s house a little before 10:00AM. Kerry is Donna’s cousin his Mother and Donna’s Mother were sisters.
We hung around the house and talked and then we took a ride into downtown Naperville to the River Walk, Pam, Donna,Allie,(Pam&Kerry’s daughter)Kerry. Sam. & Rigg’s took about a mile walk around the River Walk it is beautiful.
Kerry,Sam & Rigg's06-18-11a
We then went to an outdoor Mexican Restaurant for lunch, Rigg’s sat out the the fence next to our chairs and drank water while we ate.
                        Kerry& Pam.
                     Rigg’s  looks like he’s in jail.
After lunch we walked back to the garage where Kerry had parked his minivan and Rigg’s had a first, His first ride in an elevator, He was surprised when it started up.
We then returned to Kerry & Pam’s where we sat around until supper time and they BBQ’d some ribs, I wanted to get this post out before we left there house since we don’t have wi-fi at our site, We will catch up on blogging when we got to Wisconsin tomorrow. We are having a ball, and Rigg’s is being a good boy. Everyone be safe out there, Sam & Donna…..


  1. So glad you all are enjoying your time in Naperville with family!
    Poor Riggs....he sure would like to join you guys for lunch!
    Have and enjoy!!

  2. glad to hear Rigg's had his first ride in the elevator..Tucker has been riding in them since we brought him home..too many times to count..just a box that moves to him!..and once he gets off he runs down the hall with his leash in his mouth!..that is his idea of a good time..besides of course chasing his ball and swimming!..
    sounds like you and Donna are enjoying your vacation!..now break poor Riggs out of Jail!!

  3. Looks like you had nice weather today, I heard theres been a lot of rain in Illinois.

  4. Hmmmm and where might you be travelling next?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Knowing Riggs, of course he is being a good boy. But poor boy, being relegated to jail. Ah, such is a dogs life.

  6. I'm so glad to be reading about your trip and how you all are enjoying yourselves. Riggs seems especially happy...well, maybe a little unsure of the elevator ride and being "in jail". Have fun!

  7. Looks like you, Donna and Riggs are still having a great time and doing well. Riggs must really be enjoying all this traveling and getting to meet new people.

  8. Yes he is and a very handsome one as well!

  9. Just now got to the bloggosphere and sorry your campground at Mallard Bend didn't turn out...but good to get somewhere where Donna is feeling good...We had a houseful here and I still haven't done a blog post...Den and I are recovering from our kids and grandkids...I will post tomorrow....Have fun and be careful!!

  10. Poor Rigg's banned to the sidewalk. I remember when we had that problem with Whiskey in Mexico. We pushed the table and chairs close to the sidewalk where Whiskey had to stay. Normally in Mexico we don't have this problem at a restaurant.

    Looks like it is a very pretty walk on the River Walk.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. I loved that covered bridge....Looks like you had a fun day... You stay safe out there my Man!