Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Donna & I were up at 05:00AM, had some coffee in the trailer, and watched the Sandwich sunrise, it looked like we were for another nice sunny day.About 07:00AM Donna & Dennis came out so we knew they were up.

Dennis ran for a Breakfast pizza, even Sam the pizza man had never had one and they it was really good.

Rigg’s of course was his usual Oh Boy. Oh Boy self. he made himself at home and loved all the attention that Dennis and Donna were giving him, Dennis would say you want to go for a walk and out they would go, It appeared that Dennis and Rigg’s really enjoyed the walks. Dennis and Donna had at one time had a black Lab female named Gypsy, So they lavished Rigg’s with love and attention, even having a special bag of treats for him when we arrived. Donna W. showed the Caves Rigg’s performance of tricks, and I have to say he was really a well behaved boy for his visit.



                 Cave’s RV Park. Sandwich IL…


Denny, Donna, Sam & Rigg’s making himself at home.


            Denny & Rigg’s on one of their walks.


Breakfast Pizza, Doesn’t get any better than this.

We sat around and drank a on of coffee and shared camping stories, and family tales, But all too soon we had to get ready to leave, Dennis & Donna had a bunch of Family and Grandkid’s coming over in the afternoon, So around 10:00AM we put the trailer in travel mode and bid them farewell until next time, and headed for a campground.

We truly want to thank Dennis & Donna for opening their home and hearts to us and showing us a great time in Sandwich, and we look forward to getting together again down the road.

We had reservations for Mallard Bend Campground about 6 miles south of Sandwich, for Friday night & Saturday night. It appeared to be a nice clean campground but when we went in to check in the Lady at the desk said they had lost electric power and that we could go to our site but she wouldn’t charge us anything until they got the power restored.

I had seen and Illinois Power truck outside when they got there and I asked if they  had given her an estimate on how long it would take and she said no they still didn’t know where the break was.

We went to our site which was a nice level back in site and set up and unhitched. That was at about 11:00AM at about 03:00PM still without power and now in the 80”s, Humid, with no Fans or A/C Donna was starting to show some breathing distress so I got out the campground books and found a park in Woodville Il. about 25 miles east and called them and yes they had a full hook up site to accommodate a 30 ft. fiver with either 30 or 50 amp electric. so I hitched up again and headed east, We arrived at  the Hide-Away it was a large campground and the front section as you went in looked real nice with large MH’s and fivers, but I found out that most were summer seasonal campers from Chicago and the weekend or drive in group had their own section which was right on the Fox river and it was nice but you could tell the river had flooded earlier in the year and the grass was recovering. Donna said the security guy that led us to our site looked a little rough like he just got out of prison, but he turned out to be a really good guy who gave me a choice of any spot I wanted and the rate was $55 for two nights with what the teenage boy in the office said was the old peoples discount, I had to laugh because I always ask if they honor either the AARP, CampclubUSA, Passport America, or Good Sam’s discounts, and the young fellow immediately answered with out hesitation, “oh yeah we honor the old peoples discount,”The girl at the other end of the counter looked at him like boy you’re a dummy, but I just laughed. Life is short. Make the best of it, and laugh easily.

After we were set up I dumped the tanks, and got it set for some showers and then, we had some supper and a cocktail and played with Rigg’s until bedtime, all three of us slept like Logs.

Saturday we will be headed to Naperville about 25 miles north to visit with our cousin’s Pam & Kerry, they have made several visit’s to the Weeb Ranch, but this is our first time to visit their home.

That’s about it for today, everyone be safe out there, On the road in Illinois, Sam & Donna……


  1. that Cave's RV park needs to advertise more!..glad you had a great time with Dennis and Donna!!..

  2. I used to pay full price for a lot of things because I didn't want to ask for a senior discount. Now I'll admit to being an old person if I get a lower price!

  3. Nothing like an RV park that provides breakfast pizza! :)

  4. I don't care what they call it - more money in my pocket is always a good thing.

    Breakfast Pizza? Never heard of it!

  5. Does breakfast pizza require to have a beer to go with it? Seems like pizza and beer just gotta go together....
    Enjoy your trip!