Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday News.

We were both up around 05:00AM and had our coffee, Sam checked the blogs and Donna watched some TV.
Today was another hot day in the 90’s so we decided to take the Riggster to the doggie park. He know as soon as we turn on to DD highway that it where we are going and he watches every turn so we get it right. He waits patiently for me to get his door open and then walks right to the gate and waits to get in. Mom & Dad got him a new float toy so he was anxious to see it and play with it.
                 Mom giving him his new toy.
             Here he goes after the first throw.
I got it Mom & Dad it’s bigger than my old one but I’m a big boy now.
While Donna was throwing for Rigg’s there was a yellow lab male named Sam who just kept jumping on her and wouldn’t let her throw, since he wanted it.The dogs owner simply watched and would not control the dog in any way. Donna was hot and told him to get his dog. He made a lame excuse how “oh he just thinks you are playing with him and wants to play is all” Needless to say that didn’t sit to well with her.This went on for about a half hour until we moved to the pavilion to get away from Sam. If Rigg’s had been jumping up on someone he would have been grabbed by the collar and held down and told no and if it occurred again we would take him home like a recaltrant child at the playground, why people think others should put up with their misbehaving animals is beyond me.
                     Donna & Sam the bad doggie.
After we left the park we stopped at Lowe’s and Sam ran in to get some fittings so he could adapt a home water filter to the 5th wheel. While he was in the store poor Rigg’s was like a lost soul looking for his Daddy, what a Daddy’s boy he is,
                         Where’s my Dad?
              Oh Boy, Oh Boy here he comes Mom.
Went out and fired up our new grill for the first time, it lit on the first press of the button, I was impressed. Donna is getting ready to put four potatoes, and four steaks on it. I can hardly wait.
Decided to take the trailer to the lake tomorrow morning I should be able to get one of my good spots, and I will call Adam and go and get him, the pool and the lake sure sound good after the hot weather we have been having, the grass is mowed so I can spend 2 or 3 days out there and not be behind in chores, stocked it with food and drink, so it is combat ready for an immediate departure.
Maybe tomorrow blog will be posted from the lake.
That’s about it for now. hope all your weekend was as good as ours. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Its a shame that you have to train other peoples dogs, along with your own. That is why we don't often go to doggie parks. Perhaps the owners could use a little training as well.

    Have fun with Adam at the Lake, and Riggs can't wait as well, once he figures out where your going.

  2. That looks like a great dog park. Too bad some of the owners are not trained!

    Hope you have a great time at the lake.

  3. even a bad day at the doggie park is a good one according to Riggs!!..enjoy your time at the lake..great to blow the dust of the trailer and head on out!!

  4. Have a great time camping at the lake!

  5. We have always avoided dog parks at all costs. It's not that we don't like dogs but too many dogs in a small area is asking for trouble not to mention the unhealthy environment for them. And, like in your case with that Sam dog, there are the irresponsible owners in those places!!

  6. What a wonderful place for Riggs to enjoy an afternoon. It would be nice to have doggie parks in this area....but we don't! :-( It is a shame Sam wasn't trained better by his owner. You can't blame the dog, he's just being a dog BUT you can certainly hold the owner responsible.
    Its a shame!
    Hope you enjoy your time camping. Looking forward to some pics of you and Adam camping!!

  7. Glad Rigg's had a great time playing and swimming with his new toy. I agree with Happytrails, the dog isn't bad, it's the owner that is!

    Have a great time at the lake. BTW, you could send some of that hot weather our way!

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. We have a small dog park here, and each time we have been there, we are the only ones there. I guess after reading what Donna had to put up with, that is a good thing.

  9. There are no bad dogs....just bad owners! Too bad you cannot grab the owner by the collar, hold him down, and say NO! BAD PET OWNER!