Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Wednesday dawned to be a cloudy day again, but no rain falling it did look like the weather was more promising in the direction of Green Bay.

The girls, Linda, Donna & Karen decided to have a girl days out and go sightseeing and shopping and what ever girls do on one of those days.

Sam on the other hand was heading to the National Rail Museum in Green Bay.


What a surprise it was when I arrived and I found today was also A day out with Thomas Day at the Museum and Thomas the Tank engine was there. There were  kids everywhere. It was so neat to see all the smiles and excited faces. although it made photography difficult at times.







                        Think she is having fun.


                            The Star of the show.

Don’t have any pictures of the girls day out but they appeared to have had a great time and Karenn got to stop and show off her Grandson Jamison for lunch.


               Karen & Jamison at the lunch stop.

The rain held off until 01:00PM and then it poured I called it a day at the Museum after 78 pictures and buying the mandatory T-shirt. It was a really nice museum and had a lot of stuff that it one of a kind. one of the display was and English Steam engine from WW2 and it cars named the Dwight Eisenhower, it was General Eisenhowers private train during the war.



We got home and I found Rigg’s had spent his afternoon snoozing in the fiver.


Then we had a great supper of Chicken Pot pies that Karen fixed up and they were yummy. After a relaxing evening of conversation everyone was tired so we all hit the hay a 10:00PM Hope Everyone is having a great time. Don’t want to forget a Happy Birthday to my Niece Tammy down in Gulfport Ms. Be safe out there Sam & Donna..


  1. Sounds like you had a great day with all those trains!

  2. Several years ago at the train museum in Golden, Colorado we ran into the same thing with a "Thomas" day. There are a lot of train museums and depots and two train excursion rides here in Northwest Arkansas.

  3. I'll bet you were in your element at the train museum..and the girls were just as glad to be shopping...Have fun!

  4. looks like everyone got to do what 'they wanted'!!

  5. Love your new header Sam and Donna. Great pics of the kids and Riggs. You're blessed to have those grands in your daily lives.

  6. Can't beat a day in 'Train Heaven' for you Sam!

  7. Sounds like a full day for everybody...even Riggs was sacked out! Glad it was a good day for everyone.

  8. Nice when the girls can have their day out and you are able to go and see trains to your hearts content. Talking of content I would say Riggs looks pretty content.

    Kevin and Ruth